GeoCue Partners with Escadrone as New French Distributor, Expanding its European Footprint

GeoCue, a leading provider of advanced geospatial software and hardware solutions, has announced its partnership with Escadrone, a renowned expert in autonomous robotics integration. This collaboration marks an expansion of GeoCue’s presence in the European market, particularly in France, where Escadrone will offer advanced-level TrueView 3D Imaging Sensors and LP360 LiDAR Processing Software.

Escadrone, with its expertise in autonomous robotics and personalized solutions, has been serving customers since 2014. As a trusted distributor of drones, equipment, software, and training, Escadrone is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer support.

With this partnership, Escadrone will now provide TrueView Lidar products and LP360 software, empowering its customers to enhance their surveying and mapping capabilities. GeoCue’s industry-leading solutions combined with Escadrone’s commitment to customer satisfaction will enable professionals in France to optimize their operations and achieve remarkable results in the field of drone mapping.

Herbert Nicolas, CEO of Escadrone, expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting GeoCue’s customer-centric approach and commitment to excellence. Abdel Diani, Director of Global Distribution for GeoCue, emphasized the alignment of values between the two companies and the shared goal of delivering innovative geospatial solutions to customers in France and beyond.

Together, GeoCue and Escadrone aim to provide exceptional products, adapt swiftly to market demands, and support customers in leveraging the power of autonomous robotics in their workflows. This partnership reinforces GeoCue’s presence in the European market and underscores Escadrone’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and unmatched customer support.

About Escadrone: Escadrone is a pioneer in the integration of autonomous robotics for professional civilian applications. Since 2014, the company has been offering a comprehensive range of drones, equipment, training, software, and expertise to various industries, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and innovation.

About GeoCue: GeoCue, in collaboration with Microdrones, delivers top-notch drone surveying equipment, geospatial software, workflow solutions, training, and support for high-accuracy LiDAR and drone mapping. With their TrueView drone LiDAR/Imaging sensors, LP360 point cloud data processing software, and fully integrated systems, GeoCue is a leader in LiDAR mapping processing, providing customers with tailored solutions based on their technological needs, budget, and resources.

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