Veronte autopilot 4x, first redundant flight computer for EVTOL

eVTOL industry is rising and we are rapidly discovering a wide variety of new eVTOL aircraft designs that will  be operative very soon ...

Industry leaders Parrot and Pix4D unite to offer the most complete professional solutions with ANAFI USA

Parrot, the leading European drone group, and Pix4D, the leading professional photogrammetry and drone mapping software company, are excited to ...

HYBRIX 2.1 sets new world record for UAV flight time: 10 hours, 14 minutes

The inventor of hybrid drones made history again with an impressive hovering flight of 10 hours and 14 minutes with their world leading fuel/electric multir...
October 23, 2020

Knowledge Base Presented By ST Engineering “Obstacle Detection Radar infographic”

As the global autonomous Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone market continues to expand, his team needed to explore improved and reliable obstacle detection sensors to incorporate into their drones. In the complex urban airspace, ...
October 23, 2020

UAVOS Continues To Implement Its Unmanned Aircraft Conversion Program

UAVOS has started testing its converted UVH-500 delivery unmanned aerial system (UAS). Designed to compete in an advanced long distance and intercity transportation segment of the UAV delivery market, long - range heavy - lift UVH-500 UAS is based ...
October 23, 2020

FoxFury Announces The New Made in USA Small Format Drone Light

FoxFury Lighting Solutions (FoxFury) announces the launch of the Made in USA D10 lights for small format drones. The D10 is an ultra-lightweight, small format drone light that meets global night flight requirements.The D10 improves image ...
October 22, 2020

Drone Rescue introduces parachute system for DJI M300

The Matrice 300 is the latest generation of drones for commercial applications from DJI. With a flight time of up to 55 minutes, the latest AI functions and advanced detection and positioning system, the DJI M300 represents one of the most advanced ...
October 22, 2020

UAV Navigation Collaborate with Satlink to Seek Appropriate SATCOM Solutions for Its Customers

As we introduced some weeks ago, BVLOS missions are becoming significantly relevant in the UAV industry. This kind of operation allows you to cover large areas in order to accomplish different purposes, including surveillance, cargo delivery, and ...
October 22, 2020

DDC announces approval for commercial BVLOS drone delivery operations

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. is pleased to announce that it has received a Special Flight Operations Certificate (“SFOC”) from Transport Canada, issued October 16th, 2020, for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (“BVLOS”) commercial drone delivery ...
October 22, 2020

Leonardo, Telespazio and Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital test the use of drones for sanitary material delivery

The transportation of sanitary material with drones is the goal of the test, which has just been successfully completed, designed and undertaken by Leonardo, Telespazio (joint venture between Leonardo 67% and Thales 33%) and Bambino Gesù Childre...
October 22, 2020

AirMarket-led team is selected to execute one of Canada’s official RTM Service Trials

AirMarket Inc, with its strategic partners TELUS & ASTRA UTM, is pleased to announce today that the group has been selected by Canada’s RTM*Action Team (co-led by Transport Canada and NAV CANADA) to execute Canada’s official RTM Service ...

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