Advanced Aircraft Company Awarded NASA Contract To Develop Tilt Wing Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles 

Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC), a developer and manufacturer of distributed electric propulsion tilt-wing and multi-rotor uncrewed aircraft vehicles (UAV), today announced it has secured a contract from NASA to design and build tilt wing prototype uncrewed aerial vehicles according to NASA specifications. 

“Advanced Aircraft Company is proud and humbled to design and build tilt wing prototypes for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration,” said Paul Allen, CEO of AAC. “This contract further solidifies AAC as the global leader in tilt wing configuration uncrewed aircraft.”

AAC pushes the boundaries with innovative new approaches to fuselage, propulsion, and aerodynamic designs for next generation UAVs. To exceed NASA’s technical requirements for this project, AAC will develop a unique aero-activated tilt wing configuration that removes the weight and complexity of a mechanically actuated tilt wing aircraft for increased reliability and payload capacity. The aircraft fuselage and wing bodies will incorporate 3D printed materials and aluminum alloys for low weight, high strength and durability while also enabling rapid prototyping and limited scale manufacturing. 

“Aero-activated tilt wing configurations offer benefits over conventional configurations, but also introduce significant design challenges,” said Bill Fredericks, founder and CTO of AAC. “Careful design of the center of mass location of the wing body, aerodynamic center of the wing body, and attachment points to the fuselage are critical for establishing a stable equilibrium point to ensure safe and reliable operation.”

About Advanced Aircraft Company

Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC) develops long-endurance tilt-wing uncrewed aircraft systems for military and defense applications. Utilizing Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) systems and aerodynamic airframes, the aircraft are designed for long-endurance operations and can carry multiple sensor and cargo payloads. Designed to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of our warfighters, AAC VTOL UAS offer high speed, long range, and can operate in the most austere land and maritime conditions with no operational infrastructure required. AAC is a veteran-owned and operated company founded in 2017 and headquartered in Hampton, Virginia.

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