Next-generation AIRLink drone avionics device gives users real-time 5G connectivity

Sky-Drones’ mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of unmanned air vehicles for
enterprise by building connected hardware and software products for drone manufacturers and
commercial drone service providers.

Our offering covers everything necessary for commercial drone operation, from flight control and
connectivity to cloud based fleet management software. We truly believe that the power of drones
lies in perfectly matched software and hardware – and that our technology helps drone vendors
reduce their time to market from years down to a few months or, sometimes, even just weeks.

Since its launch in April 2021, AIRLink has been a central component of our drone ecosystem.
Standing for Artificial Intelligence & Remote Link, it is the world’s most advanced compact and fully
integrated avionics device for enterprise zones. The original AIRLink 4G version, featuring AI
capabilities and LTE connectivity, has been hugely successful ever since its market introduction.

AIRLink 5G – next generation avionics enabled by AIRLink 4G’s success

Sky-Drones has now built on that success to launch AIRLink 5G – a next generation avionics device
allowing manufacturers and users to rely even more on real time connectivity. Its integrated 5G
connectivity module provides lower latency and higher bandwidth than the 4G option. Key benefits
include up to 600 megabits per second bandwidth with sub 6 gigahertz and millimetre wave
operation. It communicates via four LTE antennas, compared with two for the original model.

The two modules are mechanically compatible, with identical mounting holes, connectors,
peripherals, and other components; this makes 4G to 5G transition smooth and easy for existing
customers, so they can resume airborne operation with minimal disruption or delay.

AIRLink comprises an artificial intelligence mission computer and cutting-edge autopilot capabilities.
The integrated, triple redundant, vibration damped, temperature stabilised inertial measurement

unit (IMU) provides solid flight stability even when operating in extreme environmental conditions.
The UK-manufactured product is approved by JRL/JTBL, FCC, PTCRB, RED, and GCF.

Sky-Drones supports customers through each step of their drone development, with three AIRLink
editions. The Enterprise Edition provides a quick start, with easy evaluation and installation for
prototyping or low volume production. The Core Edition allows customers to optimise their design
with deeper integration for medium volume production. Finally, they can use the Ref Design Edition
for deep customisation and locally based high volume production.

AIRLink-enabled fleets push drone autonomy to the next level

SmartAP AIRLink supports any UAV airframe, from fixed wing to VTOL, all of which can be controlled
simultaneously using our SmartAP ground control software. Mission team members can monitor
flight progress in real time with 5G using Sky-Drones’ cloud from anywhere in the world.

“The AIRLink 5G comes in a compact, rugged box and has everything you need to start using the
system” comments Kirill Shilov, founder and CEO of Sky-Drones Technologies Ltd. “The package
includes GPS module, telemetry system, air module, route module, and all accessories like cameras,
cables, antennas and everything you might need to get the unit up and running.

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