Honeywell successfully delivers its one millionth tactical-grade IMU

Honeywell has successfully delivered its one millionth tactical-grade inertial measurement unit (IMU) from its manufacturing facility in Minneapolis. The high-performance, tactical-grade IMUs are designed and manufactured to a stringent reliability standard with proven performance of more than a decade after delivery without the need for maintenance.

These IMUs are used in a wide variety of applications including military equipment and unmanned aerial vehicles. IMUs use gyroscopes and accelerometers to sense rotation and acceleration. They can be used in applications for which it’s important to accurately measure and compensate for vibration and motion under the most challenging conditions.

“The delivery of our one millionth inertial measurement unit is a historic milestone for us,” said Matt Picchetti, vice president and general manager, Navigation & Sensors, Honeywell Aerospace. “We first released these inertial measurement units into the market in 1994, and since then we’ve seen consistently high demand from various industries such as aerospace, marine and military. This is a strong testament to the reliability and quality of the units we have been providing to the market.”

Since the introduction of the HG1700 IMU, Honeywell has developed and released numerous IMU products that span a wide spectrum of performance capability and size. These IMUs are designed to meet the most demanding needs of customers and range from as small as the size of a water bottle cap (HG1125 MEMs IMU) to the size of a softball (HG5700 IMU).

For the past three decades, Honeywell has engineered and manufactured high-performance and industry-leading, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and ring laser gyro (RLG)-based inertial IMUs.

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