MissionGO Signs 3-Year, $50 Million UAS Infrastructure Inspection Partnership with Southern California Edison

 MissionGO Unmanned Systems, a leader in uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) production and operations announced a 3-year partnership providing UAS inspection services to Southern California Edison, the largest subsidiary of Edison International and primary electricity supply company for much of Southern California.

With high temperatures and extreme droughts throughout the region, staying ahead of mechanical issues, malfunctioning equipment and dangerous failures is a priority for energy and utility companies. Using UAS to view and inspect transmission and distribution electricity poles – along with other components of critical infrastructure – minimizes the time and hazards while increasing the quality and quantity of collected data (read more about the impact of UAS on utility inspections here.)

“MissionGO is proud of our history with Southern California Edison, and we look forward to continuing our work together,” says Chris Corgnati, President of MissionGO, “SCE’s commitment to safety makes MissionGO the perfect partner to keep the people of California connected and secure.”

Throughout the last several years working with Southern California Edison, MissionGO’s UAS inspection team performed over 6,500 sorties and catalogued more than 1,200 hours of flight time. The team reviewed and captured data from 20,000 distribution poles and 4,000 transmission poles with zero incidents. These flight operations have prevented wildfires and given Southern California Edison the time needed to prioritize and repair infrastructure to keep the community safe.

After a rigorous vetting and demonstration process, MissionGO was selected as one of two companies to secure this new contract with Southern California Edison. The contract includes nearly 160,000 poles to be inspected and is estimated at $50 million over the next 3 years. This being one of the largest UAS services contracts in the world, MissionGO is looking forward to bringing on talented pilots and crews to continue this critical work in California.

Joe Piazza, MissionGO’s Director of Infrastructure Inspections, says the team is ready and excited to continue the work in California. “We’ve made an impact to the people here – not only through our safe and reliable services – but also through the community engagement and education of our teams.”

MissionGO has provided critical infrastructure inspections via UAS since 2019 and is working with companies across the United States to deliver detailed reports on all types of infrastructure in every type of environment. From urban construction cranes to wetland pipelines, remote transmission lines, and more.

About MissionGO
MissionGO is a leading provider of UAS solutions and services. Formed by the professionals responsible for the first successful human organ delivery used in a transplant surgery via UAS and taking the first single-rotor UAS through the Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS Type and Production Certification process, MissionGO has been trailblazing the UAS industry by innovating critical infrastructure inspections, medical and commercial cargo delivery, and UAS training and program stand-up. MissionGO is a portfolio company within JSP Ventures.

Learn more at www.missiongo.io.

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