UAVOS’ Gimbaled Camera Launched for Future UAV Survey Programs

UAVOS has launched the Gimbal 155, a new gimbaled camera purpose-built for the UAS Survey Mission program. The GOS-155 was designed to meet the UAV requirements for surveillance and rescue missions. Its optimized SWaP profile, advanced day and night ISR imaging, and embedded video processor makes it ideal for any mid-sized UAS — VTOL or winged. With its low weight of 1,8 kg, and just 155 mm
in size, UAS platforms can increase their endurance without sacrificing optical performance.

The GOS-155 two-axial gimbal is an EO/IR system, comprising a 30x optical zoom HD (1280×720) visible camera paired with a fixed focal length uncooled thermal LWIR (1280×1024) camera. This enables users to acquire intricate visuals across  visible and infrared spectrums, ultimately improving mission success.

Other key advantages include:

  • Increased durability: The Gimbal 155 is made from aircraft-grade aluminum with an
    automatic air pressure compensation valve.  This makes it perfect for use at high
    altitudes. Moreover, the device has a drying cartridge to remove moisture from the
    sensor chamber.
  • Simplified file transferring: The Gimbal 155 has a removable one terabyte flash

The Gimbal 155 features include embedded video processing with electronic stabilization and
object tracking, integration with external GPS/INS with real-time target location at 20 meters
across multiple environments, and around 5 meters using UAVOS’ Ground Control Station

Furnished with an array of sophisticated software attributes, the GOS-155 distinguishes itself
by delivering exceptional performance. Its adeptness in scene and target tracking guarantees
persistent focus on subjects, even amidst dynamic scenarios. The gimbal has unparalleled
sturdiness and steadiness, enabling users to capture seamless and well-defined footage with
high accuracy and assurance.

“With the introduction of the GOS-155 gimbal, we now have the comprehensive product line-
up necessary to accommodate the varying needs of survey missions,” said UAVOS CEO
Aliaksei Stratsilatau. “Since day one, we’ve hung our hat on being nimble and quick to
innovate. The high-performance, low-weight GOS-155 will increase the capabilities of
today’s survey UAVs, and in turn, will be highly useful for Commercial & Security
Applications,”- Aliaksei added.

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