JOUAV Launches Upgraded PH-20 Drone System with Enhanced Capabilities

JOUAV has recently announced the launch of the upgraded version of PH-20 multi-rotor UAV, a professional-grade drone system designed to enhance the efficiency and ease of flight operations across various industries. Engineered for complex terrains and extensive distances, the PH-20 excels in real-time data acquisition and transmission beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), making it a valuable tool for swift and accurate mission via a real-time modeling terminal. This innovative drone system is ideal for applications in surveying, infrastructure monitoring, public safety, emergency response, and disaster rescue missions.

The upgraded PH-20 UAV, maintaining its six-rotor design, 10kg payload capacity, extended flight
endurance, and lightweight yet robust carbon fiber composite construction, offers quick deployment and ease of maintenance with its plug-in arm design.

Key Upgraded Features:

Advanced Avionics System: The PH-20 features a brand-new intelligent flight control system,
CAN bus communication, and sensor redundancy, ensuring superior performance and reliability.

Enhanced Obstacle Avoidance: The PH-20 supports the integration of FPV and four-direction
MMW obstacle avoidance radar (front, bottom, left, right) for multi-directional flight safety.

Improved Flight Safety Technologies: With Beidou positioning, magnetic compass, backup GPS
positioning, RTK differential positioning and orientation, and automatic return-to-home features
triggered by low voltage, communication loss, or altitude anomalies, the PH-20 ensures safe and
reliable flight operations with robust emergency support mechanisms.

Upgraded Payload Interface & Capacity: The PH-20 can simultaneously carry four payloads at
once, including a gimbal camera, a drop kit, a LED searchlight, and a loudspeaker, providing
visible light monitoring, infrared thermal imaging detection, aerial warnings, nighttime aerial
illumination, and material delivery capabilities.

These features offer significant operational advantages in public security monitoring and emergency rescue missions. Additionally, the PH-20 supports the integration of LiDAR, offering an 80-minute flight time, intelligent terrain following, and multi-mode flight routes.

The upgraded PH-20 drone system is a valuable asset for public safety, surveying, disaster management and more. It offers unparalleled capabilities for mapping, reconnaissance, monitoring, and rescue tasks. It can traverse complex terrains and perform large-scale, long- distance operations, greatly simplifying user operation and making workflows easier and more efficient.

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