JOUAV Unveils Next-Gen VTOL Hangar JOS-C800

The civil drone manufacturer JOUAV , has unveiled its latest VTOL hangar drone 2nd generation, the JOS-C800 , at the 8 th Drone World Congress 2024. This advanced “drone-in-a-box” solution is designed to enhance fully-automated drone operations across various industries, offering a smarter, more efficient, and versatile solution for businesses looking to optimize their routine operations through automated aerial technology.

The JOS-C800 hangar system is composed of an automated hangar, a newly developed VTOL fixed-wing drone CW-15V, and the Jocloud management platform. This comprehensive system allows for complete management and monitoring of automated aerial missions via cloud-based remote operations.

Its key features include autonomous takeoff and landing, intelligent flight planning, automatic charging, data management, intelligent data analysis and report generation, enabling fully automated drone operations without the need for on-site personnel.

Compared to JOUAV’s first-generation VTOL Hangar JOS-C2000, the new JOS-C800 offers several significant improvements:

Enhanced Design: The redesigned hangar weighs 800 kg, a 60% reduction from its predecessor. It occupies a volume of 8 cubic meters, a 40% reduction from the 1st generation.Additionally, power consumption has been reduced from 7 kW to 2 kW. The new CW-15V drone features two airspeed tubes, enabling automatic heating and drainage functions in low temperatures.

Extended Communication Range: The CW-15V drone boasts 3kg payload capacity, a 180-minute maximum flight time and a 30~50 km communication range. It supports automatic charging and multi-hangar hop-and-fly mode, allowing drones to land and charge at strategically placed hangars along operation routes without needing to return to a central base, thus ensuring seamless operations and maximum efficiency.

Upgraded Proprietary Algorithms: The JOS-C800 leverages AI +AR algorithm integration to classify and identify potential hazards in the collected data, supporting the display and management of these hazards on Jocloud, and generating detailed hazard classification reports. The upgraded algorithms enable real-time stitching and comparison of video data, allowing for comparative analysis to identify new or
changed hazards.

Innovative Operation Modes: The JOS-C800’s automated solution supports multi-drone, multi-hangar operations with staggered takeoffs, allowing for hop-and-fly operations. The CW-15V UAVs can be paired with various payloads such as gimbal cameras, LiDAR, oblique cameras, RGB cameras, etc., to meet different task requirements, enabling coordinated and efficient operations that reduce the need
for manpower and transform the cost structure of regular drone operations, paving
the way for sustainable widespread deployment.

Blake, the Overseas Marketing Director of JOUAV, stated,“Over the past years,
JOUAV’s industrial-grade VTOL fixed-wing drones have achieved remarkable success

across various sectors. Today, with the increasing demand for fully-automated drone
solutions, our JOS-C800 hangar system will offer a smarter, more reliable, and cost-
effective way to efficiently perform automated aerial tasks in complex

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