Crisalion Mobility Forms Strategic Partnership with Volatus Infrastructure and Energy Solutions

Crisalion Mobility , a Spanish leader in the design and development of advanced electric mobility solutions that are efficient, safe and sustainable, has partnered with Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions to jointly develop and analyze advanced air mobility (AAM) projects including cargo, emergency medical services (EMS), urban air mobility (UAM), regional air mobility (RAM) and tourism.

The teams will study the required aspects needed for successful and efficient operations of Crisalion Mobility’s Integrity eVTOL at VI&E Solutions’ vertiports to further enhance the efficiency and safety of AAM operations.

“We are excited to work with Crisalion so that we can analyze and study the interfaces between their Integrity eVTOL and our vertiport systems as well as develop strategies to minimize environmental impact and surpass sustainability standards to further reduce our environmental footprint”, said Grant Fisk, VI&E Solutions CEO.

“We are very proud to start this alliance in the United States with a key partner in the world of vertiports and infrastructures that will accompany us in the implementation of our eVTOL solutions. The new mobility represents an ecosystem in which many players will be involved, and it is a privilege for us to
work with Volatus”, said Óscar Lara, Crisalion Mobility, Chief Operating Officer.

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