FlytBase Launches Flinks for Seamless Enterprise Drone Integration

FlytBase, a leader in enterprise drone autonomy, has launched Flinks (FlytBase Links) to streamline the integration of drone operations with various third-party applications and devices. Flinks acts as a cohesive layer, enabling businesses to create automated workflows and conduct fully autonomous drone operations safely and efficiently.

Addressing Drone Ecosystem Fragmentation

Enterprise drone operations often involve multiple systems, complicating tasks such as collision avoidance and data processing. Flinks bridges these gaps by connecting the FlytBase platform with essential business systems, including alarm systems, video management, and data processing applications.

Key Integration Types:

  1. Alarms: Integrate with various alarm systems for incident response.
  2. Data Processing: Connect to applications generating high-res maps, 3D models, and reports.
  3. Live Streaming: Link drone video feeds with Video Management Systems (VMS).
  4. Mission & Logs: Export detailed drone missions and data to management apps.
  5. Detect & Avoid: Integrate aircraft detection systems for safety.
  6. UTMs: Connect with uncrewed traffic management systems for real-time airspace awareness.

Nitin Gupta, founder & CEO of FlytBase, highlights the ease of integrating autonomous drones into existing operations with Flinks, eliminating complex manual interventions.

Partner Opportunities

FlytBase invites organizations to join the Flink Partner Program to expand their reach through its global network of drone service providers, system integrators, and enterprise customers.

For more details on Flinks and partnership opportunities, visit FlytBase Flinks.

About FlytBase

Founded in 2016, FlytBase offers a secure, reliable, and scalable platform for integrating various components of the drone ecosystem, enhancing operations in security, inspections, and emergency response.

Learn more at FlytBase.

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