Origin UAV Delivers Precision Strike System to NATO Members

Origin UAV, a leading developer of drone technology with precision strike capabilities,
has announced the successful delivery of its Origin UAV Beak systems to NATO
member countries. This achievement signifies a significant advancement in bolstering
the defense capabilities of allied nations, demonstrating Origin’s commitment to
innovation and security.

The Origin UAV Beak is designed to provide precision strike capabilities at a fraction of
the cost of firing a precision-guided missile, making it a cost-effective solution for
modern military operations. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including
precision bomb-drop capability and advanced ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and
Reconnaissance) features, the Beak sets a new standard in unmanned aircraft systems.
It is specifically engineered to excel in GNSS-denied environments and features anti-
jamming capabilities, offering defense forces unparalleled operational flexibility and

Agris Kipurs, co-founder at Origin, emphasized the company’s dedication to disrupting
the military power balance through cost-effective technological superiority in the air. He
stated, “Our delivery of the Origin UAV Beak systems to NATO member countries
underscores our commitment to addressing evolving security challenges and enhancing
operational superiority.”

In addition to this achievement, Origin is excited to announce its participation in the
upcoming Special Operations (SOF) week in Tampa, Florida, from May 6 to 9. As a
leading innovator in military technology, Origin aims to showcase the Beak’s capabilities
and engage with industry experts, military professionals, and government officials at this

Origin invites all interested parties to visit its booth 4006 at SOF week to learn more
about the Beak and explore potential collaboration opportunities. Together, Origin seeks
to shape the future of military aviation and ensure the safety and security of nations.

For more information visit originuav.com

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