AeroDefense Introduces Free Drone Risk Assessment Template for Simplified Evaluation

AeroDefense, a leading American drone detection hardware and software manufacturer, is proud to announce its free Drone Risk Assessment Template that empowers organizations to proactively evaluate the risks posed by drones and calculate total and weighted annual financial impact. With the proliferation of drone technology across various industries, the need for effective countermeasures to safeguard critical infrastructure, events, and sensitive locations has become increasingly paramount. Users of AeroDefense’s Drone Risk Assessment Template can compare the financial impact of their drone risk exposure to a potential investment in drone detection technology to be sure they are not over or under investing in their protection plan.

AeroDefense Founding CEO, Linda Ziemba, said, “Although irresponsible and malicious drone use is prevalent, the technology is still relatively new, so often executives don’t recognize the threats drones pose to public safety and security. We are committed to help security teams understand and prepare for the threat within their risk level/tolerance and budget.”

Risk exposure from drones and costs of incidents vary across industries. Many organizations underestimate the financial ramifications of drone incidents, often failing to grasp the full extent of associated costs. Those who need assistance with the Drone Risk Assessment Template or would like help to build graphs and charts to share with leadership should schedule a consultation with our experts.

About AeroDefense
AeroDefense offers fixed and mobile drone detection solutions for stadiums, airports, correctional facilities, military forces, and other critical infrastructure. AeroDefense’s patented Radio Frequency (RF)-based drone detection system, AirWarden™, detects, classifies, locates, and tracks both drone and pilot simultaneously, providing actionable intelligence to respond effectively (and safely) to drone threats. AeroDefense diligently ensures compliance with all laws and regulations governing drone detection technology, demonstrating their commitment to responsible and legal use in safeguarding airspace. Based in Oceanport, NJ, AeroDefense is a privately held company with all engineering, manufacturing, and support based in the US. To learn more about AeroDefense and AirWarden, please visit

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