Gotonomi and Videosoft partner to simplify UAV live video streaming

 Gotonomi, a UAV satellite connectivity platform provider, and Videosoft, developers of video streaming solutions, today announced a partnership that will simplify video live-streaming over satellite for UAV operators.

By integrating Videosoft’s low-bandwidth video software with Gotonomi’s Velaris Multi-Link satellite communication module, the partnership will enable operators to effortlessly receive real-time video from UAVs, even in remote areas without cell or direct radio coverage. This new solution, which uses Viasat Velaris, a dedicated UAV connectivity service, will be particularly advantageous for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations as it will address scenarios where conventional communication methods fall short.

Secure video transmission is a key enabler for commercial UAV operators. It allows operators to perform tasks such as surveillance and monitoring in remote or hazardous locations, which are too dangerous or inaccessible for personnel to reach directly, providing an immediate response to emergencies. This combined solution has potential for ground, marine and IoT use cases, as well as for BVLOS UAV missions.

The Velaris Multi-Link module is a low size, weight and power hybrid terminal with integrated edge computing. The System on Module (SoM) allows custom applications such as Videosoft’s video compression software to process data for streaming over Viasat’s resilient Velaris global satellite solution, available almost anywhere on the planet. In addition, the Multi-Link includes an LTE module providing low latency 4G communications for redundancy. Videosoft’s software allows users to easily manage remote activities and guide remote decision-making with up-to-the-minute information and 24/7 access. This enables real-time control, and provides enhanced communication, safety, and efficiency across land, sea and air. The software will be pre-loaded and Videosoft will offer a FREE trial with each unit.

Matthew Hill, General Manager at Gotonomi, said:

“We are delighted to provide Videosoft’s software pre-loaded on Gotonomi’s Velaris Multi-Link terminals. There was always a vision for the requirement of edge compute to add value to UAVs operating in BVLOS situations and video compression has become a lead application. Videosoft is pioneering ultra-low bandwidth streaming capabilities and we’re excited to enter this partnership to optimise this combined solution. This is a great demonstration of why both parties are part of Viasat’s Velaris network and why its L-Band network is a perfect choice for making safe and scalable BVLOS operations a reality.”

Stewart McCone, CEO at Videosoft Global, said:

“This partnership marks a significant milestone for us, tapping into a wide range of opportunities in BVLOS operations by enhancing aerial communications. Our solution is rapidly gaining traction in the UAV industry, and this collaboration has taken it to greater heights. With video integration seamlessly embedded into the Velaris Multi-Link Satellite Terminal, organisations can confidently embrace the aerial autonomy revolution.”

Anthony Spouncer, Senior Director of Advance Air Mobility (AAM) at Viasat, said:

“This is a huge step forward in providing affordable Satcom for commercial UAV operations, starting with real-time video in the remote inspection & surveillance sectors. I believe the ability to use the ‘System on Module’ for embedded applications, edge processing and multi-path data links, with LTE and our highly resilient Velaris service, will transform commercial UAV operations and use cases.

Through this partnership, Gotonomi and Videosoft will offer an integrated solution that leads the market in terms of a lightweight, low-power and cost-effective solution for remote inspection and surveillance markets: the Velaris Multi-Link Module with embedded secure video transmission via the Gotonomi 200-A OMNI stand-alone antenna.

Come and meet us at Xponential 2024, booth #5213, 23-25th April, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA.

Key specs:

Velaris Multi-Link – 140 x 95 x 15 mm (5.5 x 3.7 x 0.6”), 230g (8.1 oz) mass, 18W average power (full specs here)

Gotonomi Omni200-A Antenna – 103mm (4.1”) diameter, 72mm (2.8”) high, 210g (7.4 oz) mass

About Gotonomi

Gotonomi’s mission is to enable always on-connectivity for autonomous and remotely piloted vehicles, making safe and scalable beyond visual line of sight operations a reality. We have a vision to provide a platform for the development of UAV services for safe autonomous operation on land sea and air. Our disruptive miniaturised communication system designed by TTP plc enables satellite and cellular connectivity to smaller and lighter-weight UAVs. Connecting to the Viasat Velaris network, our technology enables beyond visual line of sight operations by enabling command and control, telemetry, data services such as video streaming, voice relay and all services required for air traffic management.

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