Inertial Labs Enhances INS Solutions with FT Technologies’ FT743-D-SM Acoustic Resonance Air Speed Sensor

Inertial Labs, a leader in inertial-based navigation and orientation systems, platform
stabilization, and navigation solutions, proudly announces an under-development valuable
addition of our INS-aiding data ecosystem to the FT743-D-SM wind/air speed sensor from FT
Technologies. This Acoustic Resonance air speed sensor enables multi-rotor UAVs to estimate
their horizontal air speed better, enhancing position estimation accuracy in GNSS-denied

Inertial Labs’ team tested the feasibility of GNSS-denied navigation using an FT Technologies
air speed sensor compared to a free inertial/dead reckoning solution. The FT743-D-SM air
speed sensor adopts a digital anemometer-based solution by being able to estimate air speed
incoming from any direction using an innovative Acoustic Resonance-based technology, which
is immune to vibration and external acoustic noise. The air speed magnitude and direction allow
the INS to estimate horizontal air speed in the longitudinal and lateral axis.  In all instances, the
GNSS-denied position drift of the INS receiving aiding data from the dual axis air speed sensor
is significantly less than that of a dead reckoning alternative.
Jamie Marraccini, CEO of Inertial Labs, commented on the collaboration: ” The use of our INS
aiding data ecosystem is a critical advancement in air speed sensor solutions. This
enhancement highlights our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the
sophisticated needs of our clients. We are poised to offer unparalleled navigation solutions that
cater to various applications, emphasizing our dedication to innovation and excellence.”

Gordon Bease, Director of North American Operations at FT Technologies, said: “We are proud
of our collaboration with Inertial Labs. They have taken their cutting-edge INS and combined it
with our superior Acoustic Resonance technology to provide a disruptive GNSS-denied solution
for multi-rotor drones. This is a truly innovative product which fulfills a market need”.

Both Inertial Labs and FT Technologies are committed to advancing INS technology. They
share a vision of delivering innovative, high-quality solutions that exceed customer expectations
to revolutionize navigation across multiple domains.

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