UAVOS Launches Upgraded Autopilot Hardware Version

UAVOS, a developer and manufacturer of advanced solutions based on advanced
unmanned systems, has modified its autopilot hardware, developing its new R4 version.
The upgraded hardware autopilot features next-generation sensors and is the result of
many improvements. The high-performance R4 hardware enhances the autopilot
system providing a high level of reliability as well as flight control required for
unmanned aircraft with a smaller unit size, less weight and power consumption. 

The UAVOS’ hardware autopilot ecosystem received the new GPS, NAV (Central
Processing Unit), Interfaces Controller (IFC), and CAS (Data Processing Unit of Pitot Tube)

The new R4 hardware features the next-generation IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensors
which provide an ideal blend of performance, accuracy, efficiency and brings numerous
options for high-bandwidth I/O. Through enhancements the UAVOS’ R4 provides the ability
to install the board on other motherboards, allowing UAVOS’ autopilot to be adapted to
different UAVs. 

“The drivers across the unmanned systems sector will reduce platform size whilst increasing
operational flexibility and time operation”, – said UAVOS CEO Aliaksei Stratsilatau.  The
new UAVOS products aim to offer performance that will significantly exceed what has been
accepted as possible from the last systems, regarding unit size, weight and power

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