GoDrone 2.0 – Drone Flight Planning App Gets a New Look!

Netherlands ANSP LVNL and Altitude Angel, the world’s most trusted UTM (Unified Traffic Management) technology provider, have chosen the second day of Airspace World to announce the release of a new and improved version of the popular flight planning tool, GoDrone, bringing a host of new features which will give users an even greater understanding of the country’s airspace and access to it.

Designed and powered by Altitude Angel, GoDrone has established itself as the flight planning app for professional and recreational drone pilots across the Netherlands since its launch in April 2020.

“Planning is central to all commercial drone operations within a civil CTR, and any operator should start their flight plan with GoDrone, which is why we’re continuing to invest in the app,” said Wouter Pekela, Program Manager Unmanned Aviation, LVNL.

The new version of GoDrone, which begins rolling out in Q2 for both iOS and Android, is the most extensive update since the app was first launched and includes several enhancements and exciting new features.

The suite of updated features includes enhanced integrated flight planning, advanced flight plan drawing tools, and approval services – the ability to request access to fly digitally in airspace such as an airport CTR– through the app.

These updates make the app more user-friendly and intuitive for novice pilots, whilst providing several business-critical services for more experienced and professional operators.

In addition to enhanced integrated flight planning & drawing tools, GoDrone also includes new ‘pilot profiles’ and aircraft management, which provides users with the ability to log drone operator profiles, hours flown, and airframe hours used.  These features are particularly useful for professional drone operators who may be required to manage or evidence their operational experience and help in managing airframe service intervals and the like.

Other upgrades and new features also include:

  • New UXUI -Completely rebuilt modern user interface. 
  • New Accepted and Approved statuses, allowing GoDrone users to be able to receive more digital updates and information on their mission requests.
  • New Map Types including Satellite Maps to help you plan your drone flights safely and efficiently.
  • Advanced filter setup allows you to fully customise your airspace to suit your preferences, including political border and NOTAM’s. 
  • Airframe Hanger – Ability to now input and save all of drones directly in the GoDrone APP. 
  • GoDrone Operator Portal Integration – Information, edits and missions are natively linked between the GoDrone APP and Operator Portal.  
  • Ground Hazards – Understand ground hazards in greater details, The Godrone now displays a list of ground hazards in the pre-flight report, each is clickable, providing users with more detailed information.
  • New Area reports feature which gives you a simple-to-understand view of where you can fly safely, where you need to exercise caution or areas that are prohibited.
  • Enhanced Security (Biometrics) Utilise the latest security features on your phone or tablet, including eye and fingerprint access.
  • New flight plan tools- Maximise your flight planning by using advanced drawing tools, or upload files directly from your device.

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