Cypher Robotics Unveils Groundbreaking Inventory Cycle Counting Technology at MODEX2024

Cypher Robotics unveiled its innovative solution for efficient and accurate inventory cycle counting at MODEX2024, the sector’s leading annual global conference. The company announced its collaboration with AI-driven automation leader GreyOrange, technology giant Ericsson, and a prominent Canadian retailer, marking a significant advancement in warehouse robotics.

The solution, named Captis, integrates aerial and ground robotics technology into a seamless package, promising to redefine the future of warehouse operations. Designed to autonomously navigate warehouses, Captis features a tethered drone for vertical scanning and real-time data transfer, ensuring high accuracy in inventory management without the need for infrastructure changes.

Developed in Ottawa by a specialized engineering team, Captis has undergone extensive real-world testing in partnership with a major Canadian retailer. The system boasts an impressive 99.9 percent data capture accuracy and can operate autonomously for up to five hours per mission. Its integration with existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) software streamlines inventory accuracy and replenishment processes, significantly reducing manual counting costs and improving operational efficiency.

Philip Reece, an early investor in Cypher Robotics and a notable figure in the robotics and drone sectors, emphasized Captis’s role in eliminating mundane tasks and enhancing workplace satisfaction. “When we say this is ‘the future of warehouse robotics’, we mean it,” Reece stated, highlighting the solution’s hands-off operation and its potential to free up employees for more fulfilling tasks.

The partnerships with GreyOrange and Ericsson further bolster Captis’s capabilities. Akash Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of GreyOrange, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting that Captis is powered by GreyOrange’s GreyMatter fulfillment orchestration platform. The solution’s integration into the Certified RangerTM Network (CRN) ecosystem represents a significant step forward for companies looking to embrace automation and robotics.

Manish Tiwari, Head of Private Cellular Networks at Ericsson, praised Captis’s innovative approach to meeting industry needs and maintaining safety through consistent connectivity provided by Ericsson Private 5G. The low latency of this connection allows for immediate data validation and re-capture to maintain accuracy, ensuring secure data protection throughout the process.

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