Eve Air Mobility Chooses Honeywell Technology for Electric Aircraft

Eve Air Mobility (Eve) has selected Honeywell’s navigation, sensors and lighting solutions for its electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The technologies provide critical navigation and motion-sensing data and will work in tandem with other onboard systems, helping pilots navigate safe and efficient flights.

This work is aligned with Honeywell’s focus on three powerful megatrends: the future of aviation, automation and energy transition. The company will supply a host of lighting, navigation and sensor products for Eve’s electric aircraft, including GPS-aided Attitude and Heading Reference Systems and Inertial Reference Systems, built upon decades of engineering and manufacturing experience. These systems aid the pilots while navigating the aircraft to help ensure safe and efficient flight. Honeywell will also provide landing, taxi, navigation and anti-collision lighting.

“Honeywell has decades of experience engineering and manufacturing high-performance navigation and sensors products for commercial, defense, industrial and space applications,” said David Shilliday, vice president and general manager, Advanced Air Mobility, Honeywell Aerospace Technologies. “These products are also critical to enabling the next generation of electric aircraft, and we’re excited to help build the future of aviation and advance Eve Air Mobility’s goal to make air travel more sustainable.”

Eve’s eVTOL aircraft utilizes a lift and cruise configuration with eight dedicated propellers for vertical flight and fixed wings to fly on cruise, with no change in the position of those components during flight. According to Eve, with a range of 60 miles (100 km), Eve’s eVTOL offers a sustainable commute and reduced noise footprint, with substantial noise reduction during cruise.

About Honeywell

Products and services from Honeywell Aerospace Technologies are found on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft. The Aerospace Technologies business unit builds aircraft engines, cockpit and cabin electronics, wireless connectivity systems, mechanical components and more. Its hardware and software solutions create more fuel-efficient aircraft, more direct and on-time flights and safer skies and airports. For more information, visit www.honeywell.com/us/en.

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