Navigating Certification: Essential Steps for UAV and AAM Projects

In the fast-evolving realm of Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) projects, achieving certification is paramount for success. A recent Whitepaper by Volz Servos delves into the crucial prerequisites and supplier considerations crucial for obtaining certification and advancing these visionary aircraft programs.

The Importance of Certification

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is poised to transform transportation in burgeoning urban areas. As highlighted by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), UAM applications encompass everything from air taxis facilitating city connections to autonomous aircraft delivering essential supplies. Amidst this dynamic landscape, experts stress the early integration of certification considerations into air mobility project development.

Aerospace Engineer Mike Hirschberg, from the Vertical Flight Society, underscores the necessity of ensuring safety to obtain certification for passenger-carrying aircraft or those operating in urban environments. Similarly, Prof. Dr. Florian Holzapfel of TU Munich notes the significance of engaging with certified suppliers early in development due to evolving market challenges and regulatory frameworks.

Essential Prerequisites for Certification

Certification for a new flight system hinges on meeting civil aviation standards and utilizing components from EASA-approved production organizations. This entails meticulous compliance with complex requirements and necessitates specialized expertise and experienced supplier partnerships.

Finding the Right Supplier Partner

Identifying the right supplier is critical for the success of ambitious aviation projects. The Volz Servos Whitepaper offers insights from industry experts on selecting supplier partners capable of meeting certification requirements and propelling projects forward.

About Volz Servos

With over four decades of experience, Volz Servos specializes in developing and delivering actuators for various applications, including UAVs. Through its subsidiary, Aircraft Electronic Engineering GmbH (AEE), Volz offers a comprehensive range of certifiable solutions, supported by EASA-approved production, maintenance, and design organizations. The company’s agility as a family-run, medium-sized entity, coupled with certification security, positions it as a trusted partner for ambitious aviation endeavors.

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