Milrem Robotics Unveils Cutting-Edge Robotic Vehicles at World Defense Show Riyadh

At the World Defense Show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Milrem Robotics, Europe’s leading robotics and autonomous systems developer, showcases their most advanced autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) THeMIS that considerably enhance combat operations while reducing manpower requirements.

The UGVs on display are the THeMIS Combat and THeMIS Cargo, showcased in cooperation with the Kingdom’s fastest-growing precision engineering company Wahaj and UAE’s EDGE Group, respectively.

THeMIS Combat UGVs provide high precision direct fire support for manoeuvre units and act as a force multiplier. Equipped with Wahaj’s self-stabilizing, dual-gun SCORPION Remotely Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS), advanced sensors and fire control system, THeMIS Combat UGVs allow units to assess and engage the enemy at maximum standoff distances, increasing force protection and survivability.

THeMIS Cargo UGVs are intended to reduce the cognitive load of soldiers and provide a means to carry and utilize extra gear and firepower. These UGVs increase the mobility of dismounted units and make them more effective against the adversary. The THeMIS Cargo can also be used for casualty evacuation, autonomous resupply and to support on-base logistical activities.

All THeMIS UGVs can be equipped with Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit – MIFIK – that enables vehicles to independently execute on- and off-road missions. MIFIK allows UGV operators to plan missions using waypoint navigation and set vehicle behaviours based on location or event.

“By automating routine tasks and augmenting combat capabilities, THeMIS UGVs enhance the efficiency of military operations while reducing the need for large manpower deployments,” explained Patrick E. Shepherd, Chief Sales Officer of Milrem Robotics.

“We aim to empower military forces with cutting-edge technology that ensures the safety of personnel and enhances mission effectiveness,” Shepherd added.

MIFIK also includes enhanced safety measures thanks to advanced sensors, obstacle recognition and avoidance systems, and real-time communication capabilities to ensure the vehicle’s security and the successful completion of its mission.

The THeMIS Cargo can be found in the UAE Pavilion in stand P2 and the THeMIS Combat with Wahaj at stand P17.1.

Milrem Robotics is the leading European robotics and autonomous systems developer and systems integrator, with offices in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the US. The company is known for their THeMIS and Multiscope UGVs, the Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle and MIFIK.

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