SkyDefense Unveils Advanced Counter-UAS Weapon System

SkyDefense, LLC of Brighton, Colorado today announced their counter-UAS interceptor weapon system which can neutralize a swarm of hostile drones.

The SkyDefense C2 command-and-control ”VRAM,” short for “Visual Realtime Airspace Monitoring” integrates a counter-UAS interceptor weapon with a rugged four-wheel drive EV which can launch and communicate remotely with one or more (6.5 ft. long x 4.5 ft. wingspan) CobraJets.

The battery-powered VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) stealthy, carbon fiber CobraJet is equipped with all-weather electric duct fan motors and an AI flight controller with electro-optical and infrared cameras. CobraJet is highly maneuverable utilizing thrust vectoring and armed with sixteen 25mm VIPER air-to-air rockets capable of disabling a swarm of Group 1, 2 or 3 drones. Each CobraJet can be recharged and rearmed quickly for a new mission.

CobraJet uses on-board computer vision to detect and track its targets and can intercept enemy drones before they can reach critical facilities or personnel. CobraJets can engage these enemy drones, day or night, at long distances, and at higher speeds 200 mph (320 kph). CobraJets can function effectively with other C2 systems and can take-off and land from ground or naval platforms.

“We have armed our CobraJets with our VIPER air-to-air weapons because they are low-collateral and offer the most effective means of neutralizing a swarm of fast-moving kamikaze drones at a fraction of the cost of current C-UAS interceptors,” states Nick Verini, President, SkyDefense, LLC.

The CobraJets can autonomously navigate utilizing inertial guidance and/or GPS towards a designated area or target providing real-time video to the VRAM operator. CobraJet can also operate effectively in an electronic warfare environment utilizing on-board intelligence, when necessary.

“The world is presently under threat from attack drones armed with high explosives, capable of damaging oil refineries, oil tankers, cargo ships, military bases and ships, government buildings, power plants, electrical grids, and factories. VRAM and our CobraJets in combination with our future 45mm surface-to-air precision guided missiles will provide operators with a cost-effective, multi-layer air defense system. SkyDefense is the future of intelligent counter-UAS weapon technology,” states Mr. Verini.

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