DDC Expands Edmonton Airport Project with Multiple Agreements

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. is pleased to announce, that with the assistance of its sales agent Air Canada , it has entered into multiple commercial agreements executed by the Company on January 9, 2024 (the “Agreements”) with each of Edmonton International Airport (“YEG”), Apple Express Courier Ltd., BBE Expediting Ltd., and MFN Management Inc. (a wholly owned corporation of Montana First Nation) (collectively, the “Customers”) to deploy DDC’s award-winning and patented drone delivery solution at Edmonton International Airport.

The agreements, with an aggregate value of $417,000 will run for a 12-month duration. Pursuant to the terms of the agreements, DDC will expand the defined route delivery from YEG with an additional DroneSpot™ at a medical clinic located in the city of Leduc, Alberta. Cargo delivery will take place from YEG to the medical clinic while also maintaining the current delivery route from YEG to the off airport DroneSpot™ in Leduc County, which formed the delivery route for the first phase of the project. The medical clinic is wholly owned by Montana First Nation and provides health care services to indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians.

All operations will be conducted in accordance with applicable Canadian regulations and/or Transport Canada special approvals with flights remotely piloted by DDC from its Operations Control Centre located in Vaughan, Ontario. Additionally, the Canary Remotely Piloted Aircraft (“RPA”) will be used on this route once operational.

DDC will commence deployment of the site infrastructure shortly and expects to begin providing drone delivery services under the commercial agreements later in 2024. The YEG drone delivery project, which began with the execution of an agreement with YEG in 2019, won an XCELLENCE Award for innovation from the Association for Uncrewed Vehicles Systems International in 2022 and became commercially operational in May 2022. During the first phase of the project, over 2,400 flights with a total flight distance of over 6,500km were completed. The new agreements add a second leg to the operations originating out of the central DroneSpot™ at YEG.

Steve Magirias, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada, commented: “We are very pleased to sign these new agreements as part of the next phase of our operations at Edmonton International Airport, as well as introducing two new partners as part of the agreements. This next phase will enable us to further expand our delivery capabilities, showcase our Canary RPA, and explore new use cases for RPA delivery within the YEG area.”

“As we build out the drone delivery demand, we continue to safely innovate the process through a collaborative approach with our partners. Alongside Leduc County and the City of Leduc, we are proud to advance sustainable solutions to first and final mile delivery at Edmonton International Airport and the surrounding region. Part of our commitment to being net zero by 2040 is creating opportunities for sustainable transportation and aviation, and we are excited to continue supporting and enhancing the future of drone delivery in the Edmonton Metro Region,” said Myron Keehn, President & CEO, of YEG.

“We are excited to collaborate with our Edmonton partners as we explore novel approaches to meet the growing demands of our healthcare and technology customers. Cutting-edge last-mile delivery solutions are essential in exceeding client expectations today and in the evolving future,” stated Nasser Syed, CEO of Apple Express Courier Ltd.

“As we continue to find new ways to digitize the supply chain, BBE is excited to participate in this innovative drone delivery project alongside our partners in Edmonton. Finding ways to push the boundaries on what is possible for remote deliveries is important to the future health of logistics,” said Heather Stewart, President of BBE Expediting Ltd.

“MFN Management Inc. is excited to be working with Drone Delivery Canada, Air Canada, BBE Expediting, Edmonton International Airport, Apple Express and the other partners on this project. As a company, we are always looking for innovative and sustainable opportunities for growth. We hope to develop some services and opportunities from this project to support our corporate growth strategy,” said George Addai, General Manager, MFN Management Inc.

About Edmonton International Airport
Edmonton International Airport (YEG) is a self-funded, not-for-profit corporation driving economic prosperity for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and beyond. YEG is Canada’s fifth-busiest airport by passenger traffic and the largest major Canadian airport by land area, generating an economic output of over $3.2 billion and supporting over 26,000 jobs pre-pandemic. From sustainability initiatives like Airport City Sustainability Campus to being the first airport in the world to sign The Climate Pledge and the first in Canada to begin regularly scheduled drone delivery operations, YEG is a global leader in the aviation industry. YEG approaches equity, diversity, and inclusion by creating ‘an airport for everyone.’ For more information, please visit: flyeia.com, follow @flyyeg on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook.

About Apple Express Courier Ltd.
In 1985 Apple Express was established as a Toronto-based, local-delivery business. Strong leadership and a strategic vision enabled the company to achieve steady growth. With a view to the future, the company invested in emerging technology and infrastructure to service the world’s largest brands. Today, Apple Express provides its customers with strategic transportation and logistics services through the utilization of its people’s skills, processes, and technology. Its strategic goal is to take on and aggregate, more and more of its customers’ non-strategic processes, particularly as they relate to the “last mile” of their initial and ongoing relationship with their customers. Apple Express delivers highly customized, outsourced, SLA satisfaction and last-mile supply chain solutions for large healthcare, IT, and retail businesses. In 2016, Apple Express was acquired by a wholly owned subsidiary of bpost SA-NV, the Belgian-based international parcel and mail delivery service. Read more about the company at: www.appleexpress.com

About BBE Expediting Ltd.
BBE Expediting Ltd (“BBE”) is a supply chain company that provides freight forwarding and distribution services across Canada. Since 1977, BBE leverages the right technology, expertise and partners to provide connections around the world for its customers’ cargo needs. Pairing dedicated personalized service with forward thinking technology, it ensures the ordinary to extraordinary arrive on time. For more information on BBE’s services please contact: sales@bbex.com

About Montana First Nation
The Montana First Nation, No. 139 is located approximately 90 kilometers south of Edmonton, and 3 kilometers east of Highway No. 2A, Alberta, with a vision to be “A Prosperous Healthy Sovereign First Nation deeply rooted in the Cree way of Life”.

About Drone Delivery Canada Corp.
Drone Delivery Canada Corp. is an award-winning drone technology company focused on the design, development, and implementation of its proprietary logistics software platform, using drones. The Company’s platform is intended to be used as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for government and corporate organizations globally.

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. is a publicly listed company trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol FLT, on the U.S. OTC QX market under the symbol TAKOF and on the Frankfurt exchange in Germany under the symbol A3DP5Y or ABBA.F.

Read more at: www.DroneDeliveryCanada.com

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