Northwest UAV Wraps up 2023 on a High Note!A 36,000-foot DA high note!

At the tail end of 2023, NWUAV was invited by one of their highly respected customers to conduct performance and altitude testing onsite. NWUAV visited their customer’s altitude dyno test chamber to validate the capabilities of the NW-230 Heavy Fuel engine. Testing went extraordinarily well, with only a few minor adjustments to the fueling map to address the barometric pressure changes as the engine ascended to 36,000-foot DA.

“It wasn’t unexpected that we would need to make minor adjustments to the fueling map to compensate for the altitude and temperature changes as we climbed. What was somewhat unexpected was the ability to get to ~36,000’ DA, which is where 737’s fly daily.” Said Chris Harris – CEO and owner of NWUAV. “The engine was operating well at that altitude and could have gone higher. The fuel-air charge between cylinders was consistent from sea level to altitude, which is typically a tough problem to overcome with a normally aspirated 2-stroke boxer engine operating on heavy fuel. I’m thrilled with the performance of the engine and its capabilities. Previously, as I have stated, trying to burn heavy fuels reliably at extreme temperatures and altitudes is critical to satisfying the future of tactical unmanned aircraft requirements, and the NW-230 is clearly on point to meet these missions.” said Chris Harris.

The altitude test is just one segment of the engine testing series for the NW-230. Mr. Harris went on to state, “Our highest priority is demonstrating product capabilities for customer combat mission operations that support the warfighter as we march through the product roadmap. From TRL 7 to total rate production and manufacturing readiness, Northwest UAV stands ready with its full line of propulsion solutions, the NW-230 being the latest release.”   

The NW-230, an EAR 99 export-approved Heavy-Fuel UAV Engine, continues to prove its capabilities for UAV operations through multiple applications and mission operations from sea level to high altitudes.

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