Crisalion Mobility and Bluenest Partner on Advanced Air Mobility Projects

Crisalion Mobility, a Spanish leader in the design and development of advanced electric mobility solutions that are efficient, safe and sustainable, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Bluenest by Globalvia, the innovation business line of leading global transport infrastructure manager Globalvia for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and vertiport management. Under the agreement, the two companies will collaborate on Advanced Air Mobility projects in Europe and Latin America, as well as on demo tests and the integration of eVTOLs and vertiports.

This strategic alliance will see the two Spanish AAM leaders work closely together to drive progress in integrating eVTOLS and vertiports, guaranteeing safe, efficient operability on land and in the air.

The initial goal of the agreement is the successful integration of eVTOLs and vertiports and a clear definition of operations, with a view to effectively planning and optimising the processes which allow for interaction and compatibility between eVTOLs and vertiports. This will include enabling smart mobility in and around vertiports, as well as ensuring safety and operational efficiency during take-off and landing in the corresponding airspace.

Under this agreement, the two companies will also exchange technical information, define and develop locations and routes for the implementation of regular vertiports, strengthen cooperation to maximise aircraft performance and vertiport development, develop and study business models for possible use cases and services, and work together on enabling AAM routes for Crisalion aircraft operated by third parties.

This cooperation will form part of regional commercial efforts in Europe and Latin America and a global strategy to test and validate new technologies and processes to enhance passenger experience and the operation of associated infrastructure.

“We are pleased to announce this strategic partnership with Bluenest, which represents a decisive joint step forward towards innovative Advanced Air Mobility solutions in Europe and Latin America and lays the groundwork to allow us to achieve our goals. This agreement clearly evidences our unwavering shared commitment to delivering innovation, efficiency and security in future Integrity aircraft operations at Bluenest vertiports; these are crucial factors which must underpin new air mobility,” said Óscar Lara Rapp, COO of Crisalion Mobility.

José Ignacio Rodríguez Modroño, Managing Director of Bluenest by Globalvia, said: “Collaborating with Crisalion Mobility is paramount for us to perform advanced integration tests prior to real commercial operations. As national leaders in eVTOL and vertiports infrastructure supply for Advanced Air Mobility, it is our duty and mission to work together towards a swift market uptake in Spain, Europe and then scale up worldwide. We look forward to a close cooperation in the long term to enable safe operations of the Integrity eVTOL at Bluenest by Globalvia vertiports”.

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