SwissDrones Expands Management Team with Five New Appointments

SwissDrones, a global leader in the manufacturing and operation of long-range uncrewed helicopter systems for inspection, surveillance, and public safety applications, is pleased to introduce five key additions to its management team. These appointed members will drive product development, go-to-market initiatives, compliance, and global growth. The strategic expansion addresses the growing demand for SwissDrones’ advanced products and services.

Joining the team are highly accomplished professionals with diverse backgrounds and exceptional skills, each bringing a unique perspective to the company mission. These new appointments include:

Christoph Michalak, Chief Financial Officer

Bringing an outstanding financial management background and a proven strategic leadership track record, Christoph contributes substantial expertise to SwissDrones. His extensive experience spans executive positions in various industries, including real estate development, wealth management, finance, and marketing, at companies like Operandis, LINVO, LEAP, Restafina, and pos-vision. Christoph’s insights and experience are instrumental in driving the financial strategy for the continued growth and success of SwissDrones.

Omid Abbasi, Head of Design Organization

Bringing a proven track record of delivering exceptional design solutions in the aviation industry, Omid contributes a wealth of experience and expertise to the SwissDrones R&D team. His commitment to innovation and excellence will steer SwissDrones’s design direction into the future. With a history of pushing design boundaries at AirBus, ALTEN Technology, and ACM Aerospace, Omid’s creative leadership aligns perfectly with SwissDrones’ mission to transform the drone industry.

Erik Hjelm, Vice President of Business Development for North America

With extensive drone industry experience, Erik has a proven track record of driving growth and fostering innovation in senior roles at companies such as Airbus and BAE Systems. His knowledge and passion for aviation technology position him well to lead our efforts in expanding SwissDrones’ presence across North America.

Christophe Chicandard, Vice President of Sales, APAC

With a career spanning over two decades in the APAC market, Christophe has held senior positions at Embraer and Bombardier Aerospace. His recent executive roles at Jet8 Aviation Limited and AerSale, Inc. highlight his expertise. Christophe’s deep understanding of the region and a track record of expanding market share aligns with SwissDrones’ growth strategy in the Asia-Pacific area. Leading the APAC sales division, Christophe positions SwissDrones for continued success and growth in the region.

Octavio de Almeida, Global Business Development Manager

In his extensive career, Octavio has held influential leadership roles in international business development, marketing strategy, and branding at renowned multinational aviation and aerospace corporations like GE Aviation, Embraer, HondaJet, and Honeywell. Successful product launches and driving global market expansion mark his achievements. With a diverse skill set encompassing aviation products, complex negotiations, and customer relations, Octavio is well-equipped to drive SwissDrones’ global presence.

“SwissDrones is committed to transforming the world of unmanned aerial systems, and our expanded management team will play a pivotal role in shaping our future,” stated Ulrich Amberg, CEO of SwissDrones. “Their collective career achievements, experience, expertise, and shared vision align perfectly with our mission to deliver advanced drone solutions that empower businesses to reach new operational efficiencies and synergies at scale worldwide.”

Designed to replace crewed helicopters, SwissDrones provides a safe and cost-effective aerial intelligence solution for a wide range of applications, including infrastructure inspection, surveillance and public safety missions beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). SwissDrones aircraft emit up to 95 percent fewer CO2 emissions than crewed helicopters at significantly reduced operating costs and without putting flight crews at risk. The systems allow for the integration of high-end sensor payloads of up to 30 kg (66 lbs) and enable long-range day and night missions with a flight endurance of multiple hours. SwissDrones’ aircraft operates across Asia, Europe, and North America.

About SwissDrones

SwissDrones manufactures and operates long-range uncrewed helicopter systems for missions beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Its unique twin-rotor aircraft are designed to replace crewed helicopters at significantly reduced costs and lower carbon emissions. They can operate in challenging conditions, day and night, without exposing crews to risk.

SwissDrones was founded in 2013 and is based in Switzerland, with its headquarters in Zurich and its manufacturing site in Buchs. The company has been named a Top 50 Global UAV Enterprise by the World UAV Federation and a Top 40 Civil Drone Platform Manufacturer by Drone Industry Insights. SwissDrones operates across Asia, Europe, and North America.

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