Schubeler and Bellwether Industries Collaborate on Electric Propulsion Systems for Volar Aircraft

Bellwether Industries, a pioneering force in Urban Aerial Mobility (UAM), proudly announces a strategic
partnership with Schubeler, a globally acclaimed leader in electric propulsion technology. This
collaboration marks a significant step forward in the evolution of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and
electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) solutions.

Schubeler, a trusted long-term collaborator, has played a key role in supporting Bellwether’s prototype
development, notably contributing to the success of the prior generation Antelope model. The
forthcoming launch of the Oryx model signifies the culmination of their efforts. This partnership
underscores a joint commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation in propulsion
and vehicle development.

The union between Bellwether Industries and Schubeler promises to open new frontiers in aerial
mobility solutions, heralding an era defined by cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking prototypes.
This collaboration embodies a commitment to innovation and excellence, driving both companies to
lead the evolution of efficient, electric air travel.

Daniel Schubeler, Schubeler’s Founder & Co-CEO, had the following to say about the partnership:
“Among the numerous initiatives transforming personal aerial mobility, Bellwether Industries occupies a
unique slot. Their compelling vision for future personal urban mobility, technological boldness and
strategic presence in regions of the world that are the most likely to embrace aerial mobility put them at
the forefront of the market. We’re honored to bring Bellwether expertise in clean, safe, silent, high-
performance and certification-ready electric propulsion systems.”

Vidyut Jacob, Bellwether’s Senior Director of Mobility & Strategy, emphasises Schubeler’s integral role
in the realm of electric propulsion, stating: “Schubeler’s contribution to the development of electric
propulsion has been pivotal in shaping Bellwether’s Volar eVTOL. Both entities share a strong
commitment to innovation and technology advancement. We are looking forward to integrating their
propulsion technology into our upcoming phases, including the highly anticipated full-scale launch,
further solidifying our collaboration.”

The partnership between Bellwether Industries and Schubeler Technologies demonstrates their
commitment to driving realistic innovation in the field of aerial mobility. This collaboration signifies a
significant milestone that promises to redefine the future of air travel, setting new benchmarks for
efficiency, sustainability, and technological advancement.

As part of their partnership, Bellwether has invited Schubeler to showcase their latest electric ducted
fan for eVTOL applications – the eP05-21 – at Bellwether’s booth at the Dubai Air Show on November
13 to 17, 2023.

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