RapidFlight Achieves Manufacturing Success at Tactical Edge during TREX23-2

RapidFlight, a Virginia-based Unmanned Aircraft Systems company, has successfully delivered on its promise to deliver industry-changing UAS design, manufacturing, and deployment processes at scale. In October the company demonstrated the capability to produce aircraft at scale in austere locations at Technology Readiness Experimentation 2023 (TREX23-2) in Camp Atterbury, Indiana. This demonstration included the on-site manufacturing, mission planning, and runway independent launch of an E2 UAS, one of RapidFlight’s most flexible systems to date.

Over the course of the ten-day demonstration, RapidFlight deployed a Mobile Production System and E2 UAS, in support of OUSD(R&E)’s Rapid Defense Experimentation Reserve (RDER) portfolio contested logistics, indirect fires, and information advantage pillars. The team conducted multiple demonstration flights and manufactured aircraft on site. RapidFlight’s technology-driven and agile approach once again yielded previously unattainable timelines without sacrificing modularity, mission requirements, or reliability.

“The Mobile Production System, coupled with our portfolio of UAS, addresses the contested logistics challenge as a core capability of the design and enables our customers to produce UAS where they need them, when they need them. At TREX23-2 we proved our ability to manufacture, assemble, and operate UAS at scale in austere locations,” said Brandon Smith, Director of Special Projects.

RapidFlight’s Mobile Production System enables the production and deployment of aircraft from anywhere in the field, with multiple units capable of producing thousands of aircraft in deployed environments. Through modular design, flexible payload capacity, and a runway-independent launch process, RapidFlight is able to offer speed, endurance, and accelerated manufacturing timelines with their aircraft designs. This level of flexibility and capability is the future of UAS development, and RapidFlight is proud to be at the forefront of this technology.

About RapidFlight
RapidFlight is an integrated designer and manufacturer of unmanned aircraft based in Manassas, Virginia. RapidFlight is accelerating the time from concept to flight while building aircraft systems that meet the demanding challenges, evolving requirements, and tight timelines that are inherent to our national security. Through next-generation manufacturing processes and a team of industry leaders RapidFlight is ushering in a new era of aircraft manufacturing.

For more information, visit www.rapidflight.aero.

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