Origin unveils “BEAK”: A Precision Bomb-Drop Drone with Class-leading ISR Capability

Origin, a pioneer in military unmanned aerial systems with precision bomb-drop capability, is ready to transform the industry with the introduction of their latest breakthrough – the ‘BEAK’. This multipurpose Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) is set to redefine ISR capabilities, offering extended range, reduced acoustic signature, and the unique ability to precisely attack soft and hard targets.

Drawing from the lessons learned in the Ukraine war, Origin has developed a NATO-ready solution that empowers a new level of capability. The BEAK provides the means to employ unconventional tactics effectively exploiting an adversary’s vulnerabilities.

Designed to address the shortcomings of current systems used in bomb-drop missions in Ukraine, the BEAK is from ground-up designed for operations in GNSS-denied environments and has state-of-the-art anti-jamming capabilities. Despite its remarkable 4 kg munition payload capacity, the BEAK remains highly portable, ensuring flexibility in deployment. Beak can deliver 4 kilograms of munitions to a distance of over 12 kilometers. The beak can be configured with 6, 4 or 2 munition slots making it suitable for various missions. Moreover, in ISR configuration, it leads the industry with an impressive flight time of 60 minutes.

The team behind the BEAK has gone the extra mile to significantly enhance bomb-drop accuracy, incorporating advanced algorithms for precision hit capability. The Origin Ground Control software leverages an open-source architecture, featuring an intuitive user interface that slashes operator training time to just a few hours.

In its ISR configuration, the BEAK’s extended flight time and capable sensor payload make it an exceptional reconnaissance solution. Despite being size, weight, and power optimized, it delivers leading Detection, Recognition, and Identification (DRI) ranges. Equipped with a thermal imager, it enables human detection at night from distances of over 1000 meters. Co-founder at Origin, emphasized, “At Origin, we believe that addressing the escalating security threats in Europe stands as our society’s foremost priority. Drawing on decades of expertise, we are committed to propelling Europe and our NATO allies forward in capability.”

BEAK is currently undergoing rigorous product qualification testing with several NATO partners, with shipments expected to commence in early 2024. Origin will unveil BEAK drone at Milipol 2023 in Paris, from November 14th to 17th, at booth 4 A019.

Visit Origin web page to learn more about the company originuav.com

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