Flytrex and Causey Aviation Unmanned Gain FAA Approval for BVLOS Operations Across U.S. Suburbs

 Flytrex, a leader in ultrafast food delivery, today announced its longtime partner Causey Aviation Unmanned (CAU) has received an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to remotely fly drones Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) without visual observers. Extended to only a select group of companies, this approval is recognized as one of the most advanced regulatory approvals to date and sets the stage for mass scaling of CAU and Flytrex’s delivery service, after meeting certain conditions and limitations.

Flytrex has undergone years of rigorous testing to verify that its drone delivery service maintains the highest safety standards, and this milestone is the latest acknowledgement of those efforts. In January of this year, Flytrex operator CAU received its part 135 certification, which allowed Flytrex to expand its drone delivery service nationwide – offering food, drinks, and other goods to the more than 82 million eligible front and backyards across the U.S.

“We take extreme pride in our partnership with Causey Aviation Unmanned and look forward to expanding our joint operations with this highly sought-after authorization from the FAA,” said Yariv Bash, CEO and Co-Founder of Flytrex. “This BVLOS approval not only validates the strength of our drone delivery service, but also sets a precedent for profitable, expanded operations in the industry. As the DoorDash of the sky, we are always striving to offer safer, more efficient, and cost-effective alternatives to traditional delivery methods – BVLOS operations allow us to do just that, on a massive scale.”

This news follows Flytrex’s recent announcement of its Autonomous Pickup capability, which allows for a fully autonomous delivery process—from order placement, to pick-up, through delivery to customers’ yards. Since 2022, Flytrex’s eligible customer base has grown exponentially, from 40,000 eligible customers to 95,000 – a 138% increase. Flytrex’s service is operating seven days a week, drone delivering hundreds of food orders a day to customers’ yards in NC and TX.

“This approval represents a landmark moment for the drone industry. We are grateful to the FAA in helping advance the regulatory framework allowing us to define the next chapter in drone delivery and encourage wider drone adoption throughout the world,” said Jeff Causey, Founder and CEO of Causey Aviation Unmanned. “We are excited to continue our partnership with Flytrex, a company that has helped elevate our service to new heights and enable drone delivery at scale.”

For years, Flytrex and CAU have been working closely with regulators to get drone delivery safely off the ground. Together, they participated in the FAA’s UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP), which concluded in October 2020, as well as the FAA’s subsequent initiative, BEYOND, working with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to help tackle the remaining challenges of UAS integration – bringing swift, affordable and sustainable on-demand drone delivery to more partners, communities and consumers across the country.

About Causey Aviation Unmanned

Causey Aviation Unmanned, Inc. provides drone delivery operational solutions that conform to the emerging safety and regulatory requirements necessary for multimodal logistics. Causey Aviation Unmanned is one of only five unmanned air carriers in the United States operating under Part 135.  

Causey Aviation Service, Inc. is an Aircraft Management, Charter and Maintenance company headquartered in North Carolina for over 50 Years.  Causey Aviation makes owning a jet easy and provides secure private transportation in North America, Europe and beyond. 

About Flytrex

Flytrex is a leading drone delivery service in the U.S. for restaurants looking to offer fast, safe and cost-effective airborne deliveries directly to customers’ yards. Flytrex operates one of the largest backyard drone delivery services in the US, with delivery stations in North Carolina and Texas operating daily, and has signed agreements with several of the world’s largest retail and restaurant chains. As a participant in the FAA’s UAS Integration Pilot Program and BEYOND program, Flytrex is leading the way in autonomous drone delivery.

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