Compact Tools Empowering Drones for Unlimited Flight Duration

V-Line Pro tethered system offers continuous aerial monitoring without the need for battery changes, enabling officers to concentrate on analyzing critical situations and issuing precise commands to their teams. The system’s user-friendly design requires just a single operator.

The limited battery life of most drones, typically around 30 minutes, presents a significant challenge when it comes to carrying multiple batteries. For public safety and law enforcement purposes, every second is precious, and cannot afford any downtime.

V-Line Pro tethered system guarantees a constant power supply to the drone, eliminating the need for disruptive battery changes during critical operations.

The V-Line Pro provides unlimited power up to a height of 70 meters (230 feet) using aviation-grade cables, combined with the Autel Evo Max 4T’s 10x optical zoom capability. This combination grants officers a crystal-clear aerial view of their surroundings, including the capability for night surveillance using thermal cameras.

Unlike any other heavy and massive machine, The V-Line Pro is a compact & lightweight tool that can fit in every public safety vehicle. Setting up takes just 60 seconds, and an optional backpack allows officers to carry all necessary equipment.

The drone industry evolves at a rapid pace, and Autel drones are no exception. Upcoming software updates, including the innovative A-Mesh which enables Autel drones to function as a mesh network. When paired with tethered systems, it can elevate their capabilities to new heights. Reduced signal interference and expanded mission coverage are among the many benefits anticipated.

Volarious, a leading provider of tethered drone systems has announced the launch of its new software compatibility with Autel drones. Since launching the V-Line Pro last year, the system has been used by 20 public safety agencies. Volarious looks to continuously enhance the value of the tethered system via software release.

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