JOUAV Unveils VTOL Hangar at Intergeo 2023

Intergeo 2023, renowned for showcasing cutting-edge geospatial innovations, welcomes a groundbreaking addition this year—the JOUAV VTOL Hangar, an unparalleled advancement in the realm of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones. This revolutionary technology redefines the landscape of drone automation, setting the stage for a new era of precision and efficiency.

A Leap Beyond Ordinary Drone Hangar Systems

The JOUAV VTOL Hangar System stands as a testament to JOUAV’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries. This comprehensive system encompasses a range of features designed to elevate drone operations to unprecedented heights:

Advanced Endurance: The CW-15X VTOL drone, equipped with state-of-the-art battery technology, ensures operational longevity with flight times extending beyond 100 minutes. This extended endurance translates to more efficient and productive missions.

Remote Communication Mastery: With a communication radius stretching up to 30 kilometers, the CW-15X VTOL Hangar supports seamless remote operation and data transmission. Operators can effortlessly monitor and control the UAV from remote locations, enhancing the scope and flexibility of drone missions.

Payload Versatility: Designed to cater to diverse industry needs, the system boasts the ability to carry a myriad of payloads. From LiDAR technology for precision mapping to RGB cameras and optoelectronic pods for detailed inspections, the VTOL Hangar System adapts to varying applications seamlessly.

“The VTOL Hangar System is a paradigm shift in how we perceive drone operations. Its adaptability and performance redefine industry standards,” said Eric Lee, Solutions Engineer at JOUAV. “We’re empowering industries with a tool that doesn’t just meet expectations but exceeds them.”

A Smart System for Smart Operations

At the core of the VTOL Hangar System is its intelligence and adaptability, ensuring efficient and precise operations:

Precision in Positioning: The integration of BeiDou and GPS positioning systems empowers the VTOL system with autonomous return and safe landing capabilities, even in the absence of GNSS signals. This precision ensures accuracy in every mission.

Intelligent Hangar Management: The JOS-C2000 hangar features automatic charging functionalities. Upon mission completion, the UAV seamlessly returns to the hangar for automatic charging, minimizing manual intervention and maximizing operational efficiency.

Adaptive Operation in Real-Time: Flexible route planning options, including linear, regional, and orthogonal modes, coupled with customizable waypoints and 3D route planning, cater to the diverse needs of various applications. Additionally, the system adapts to wind conditions, ensuring stability during takeoff.

“We’ve engineered the VTOL Hangar System to be more than just a drone. It’s a holistic solution that integrates seamlessly into industry workflows,” explained Eric. “Its adaptability, coupled with intelligent features, ensures unparalleled performance.”

Safety and Reliability at Its Core

JOUAV’s commitment to safety is reflected in every aspect of the VTOL Hangar System:

Obstacle Avoidance Excellence: Equipped with millimeter-wave radar and vision-assisted positioning systems, the UAV can automatically detect and avoid obstacles during landing, ensuring a secure landing, even in challenging environments.

Redundancy and Uninterrupted Operations: Integrated RTK positioning and visual recognition landing technology guarantee precise landings. In the event of power failures, a built-in UPS ensures continuous operation for over 4 hours, offering uninterrupted mission completion.

Comprehensive Monitoring: The hangar features a robust surveillance system, including cameras and various sensors, monitoring weather, temperature, humidity, and real-time tracking of the base station and UAV’s operating status. These measures ensure operational safety and reliability.

“Safety is non-negotiable in the drone industry. Our VTOL Hangar System incorporates multiple layers of safety checks to ensure every mission is conducted with utmost precision and reliability,” Eric told the crowd.

Versatile Applications Transforming Industries

Already deployed in China, the JOUAV VTOL Hangar System is a transformative asset across multiple sectors. From electrical inspections ensuring grid integrity, to detailed urban mapping, monitoring highways, creating smart cities, and overseeing open-pit mining operations, the system’s applications are far-reaching. “Our system is more than a tool; it’s a strategic asset transforming how industries operate. Its adaptability and value are unmatched,” highlighted Blake Wang, Overseas Marketing Director at JOUAV. “We’re excited to witness the impact it will have on our customers’ operations worldwide.”

Pricing and Availability

Details for the JOUAV VTOL Hangar will be available on the official JOUAV website and through authorized JOUAV dealers. For the most up-to-date information, please visit JOUAV’s Official Website.

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