Anduril Reveals Anvil-M: The Ultimate Counter-Drone Kit for Neutralizing Smaller UAS Threats

Anduril Industries has introduced an explosive variant of its Anvil drone, purpose-built for intercepting and annihilating agile aerial threats. This breakthrough technology, developed by Anduril, a leader in autonomy and unmanned aerial systems, introduces the Anvil-M, a formidable defense against Group 1 and Group 2 unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). These groupings categorize drones based on their speed, altitude, and weight, with Group 1 representing smaller and simpler drones, and Group 5 indicating larger and more sophisticated ones.

Neil Thurgood, Senior Vice President at Anduril and retired U.S. Army general, emphasized the Anvil-M’s design to counter the most significant threats posed by Group 1 and Group 2 UAS, reinforcing air deterrence. He stated, “Threats will continue to evolve and so, too, will our capabilities, as Anduril will rapidly iterate to meet those threats.”

Anvil-M is the latest addition to Anduril’s line of counter-drone products, drawing inspiration from its predecessors. This ground-launched drone seamlessly integrates with Anduril’s mobile home base, the Launch Box, and interfaces with the AI-empowered Lattice command-and-control software.

As part of the U.S. Department of Defense’s growing concern regarding drones, the need for effective countermeasures has become paramount. Commercially available drones have been employed for espionage, targeting, and carrying explosive payloads in various conflicts worldwide. In response to these threats, U.S. Special Operations Command selected Anduril to lead its efforts in countering drones, a contract valued at $1 billion. Furthermore, Anduril recently secured contracts totaling $8 million from the Air Force to enhance autonomy in its Ghost line of helicopter-like products.

Anduril continues to innovate and adapt to address the evolving landscape of aerial threats, ensuring the safety and security of critical assets.

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