BAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics Showcase T-600 Heavy Lift UAS in NATO Exercise

The T-600, an electric-powered aircraft, showcases vertical take-off and landing capabilities, can shoulder up to 200kg of payload, and boasts a top speed of 140km/h. Its range stretches up to 80km, contingent on its payload. Comparable in size to a compact car, this aircraft is engineered for easy disassembly, aiding transportation. Notably, during the REPMUS multinational exercise, it impressively launched an inert Sting Ray training anti-submarine torpedo for the first time during an ocean flight mission.

REPMUS, shorthand for Robotic Experimentation and Prototyping with Maritime Uncrewed Systems, had participation from 15 NATO allies, plus Ireland and Sweden. The exercise offers a secure environment to trial evolving technologies, concepts, and requirements related to Maritime Uncrewed Systems.

The objective behind T-600 is to forge ahead, assess, and exhibit technologies that will later be integrated into the T-650 — an innovative heavy-lift all-electric UAS tailored for swift reconfiguration. This will have applications spanning military, commercial, and humanitarian sectors. The T-650 is envisioned to revolutionize areas like automated logistics, casualty evacuation, and anti-submarine warfare, all while attenuating the ecological footprint of the military.

Neil Appleton, BAE Systems Air’s Head of Sustainable Electric Products, remarked, “In a mere two-year span of collaboration with Malloy, our joint venture has birthed a heavy-lift UAS. Engaging with the UK Royal Navy and Portuguese Navy, we participated in NATO’s recent REPMUS exercise. This effort spotlighted our T-600’s prowess, wielding an inert Sting Ray torpedo before global naval leaders. This marks a significant stride in our partnership with Malloy, underscoring our mutual intent to introduce avant-garde solutions for our clientele.”

According to Dave Quick, BAE Systems Maritime Services’ Head of Underwater Weapons, Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) offer rapid deployment and convenient portability. These systems can shield more expensive assets and their personnel from dangers. UAS-launched Sting Rays enhance the flexibility of naval units in deploying the Sting Ray.

Oriol Badia, Malloy Aeronautics’ CEO, noted their commitment to swiftly transforming conceptual designs into tangible assets. Their T-600 model, particularly, transitioned from idea to operational prototype at a breakneck pace for its payload category.

BAE Systems’ Air sector’s T-650 project is nestled within FalconWorks, a contemporary R&D hub, striving to offer avant-garde aerial combat solutions to the UK and allied nations.

The REPMUS demo emerged from the collective expertise of BAE Systems Air and Maritime Services, with collaborators Malloy Aeronautics, L3 Harris, and General Dynamics UK. L3Harris and General Dynamics UK further elevated the demo by offering the GnatHD release system and the Distributed Stores Management control system. Such tech leaps have paved the way for weapon integration into heavy-lift UAS.

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