Aerial Precision Pioneers LiDAR Technology: Sells AP-LiDAR-One to SABCA

Aerial Precision, a leading innovator in LiDAR sensor technology, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its journey. We have successfully sold our unmatched LiDAR sensor, the AP-LiDAR-One, to SABCA a prominent Belgian company with a sterling reputation in aerospace and defense. Since 2018, SABCA Drone Division ( SABCA UAS ) offers trustworthy, robust, and safe solutions. Tailor made for industrial partners that require support for their safety critical operations. This includes missions above densely populated or remote areas, flights beyond visual line of sight, transport of medical payloads, quick response interventions over land and sea, and inspections of critical infrastructures such as railways, nuclear power plants or windfarms.

Sabca has chosen Aerial Precision’s unmatched LiDAR sensor, the AP-LiDAR-One, for an undisclosed project. While the project details remain confidential, we are immensely honored to be selected by SABCA, a company known for its excellence and commitment to innovation.

The AP-LiDAR-One is a testament to our dedication to providing high-performance LiDAR solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries such as aerospace, defense, autonomous vehicles, and environmental monitoring. Its advanced technology and precision have made it a preferred choice for organizations worldwide.

“This partnership with SABCA marks a significant achievement for Aerial Precision,” said Vicente Payo-Ollero, CEO of Aerial Precision. “This collaboration underscores industry leaders’ trust in our LiDAR technology. While we cannot unveil the specifics of our project with Sabca at this time, we are confident that it will be proof of the capabilities of our AP- LiDAR-One sensor.”

Aerial Precision and SABCA share a vision of harnessing LiDAR technology for a brighter, more sustainable future. This partnership represents a significant step towards achieving that vision, and both organizations are excited about the possibilities it brings and look forward to achieving remarkable results in the project.

Aerial Precision remains committed to pushing the boundaries of LiDAR technology and expanding its global footprint. This partnership with Sabca is a significant step forward, reflecting our dedication to serving clients with the highest quality and performance standards.

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