Estonia Transforms Drone Operations with FREQUENTIS’ Cutting-Edge UTM Suite

Estonian drone operators can now harness the full potential of the Frequentis UTM suite, a comprehensive solution provided for Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS). This cutting-edge suite empowers users to access real-time drone flight information, register as operators, securely exchange data, monitor airspace conditions, file flight plans, and request take-off clearance. The introduction of this solution marks a significant advancement in Estonia’s uncrewed aviation services, revolutionizing the drone flying experience.

Ivar Värk, CEO of Estonian Air Navigation Services, states, “Uncrewed aviation and drone markets are growing fast. The UTM suite will support the development of uncrewed aviation, enabling drone services to thrive by increasing efficient and safe airspace access. Remarkably, Frequentis successfully deployed the system in just seven months.”

EANS is on its way to becoming Estonia’s common information services (CIS) provider, and the newly implemented cloud-based Frequentis UTM suite facilitates a CIS environment for all uncrewed aviation stakeholders. Its secure open protocol ensures seamless data exchange among government authorities, entrepreneurs, and drone operators. A standout feature of the system is the drone map, offering valuable insights into permanent and temporary flight restriction zones, allowed flight altitudes, flight registrations, and airspace monitoring.

Hannu Juurakku, Executive Vice President of Frequentis ATM Civil and Chairman of the ATM Executive Board, emphasizes, “The launch of the Frequentis UTM suite in Estonia is a significant milestone for the country’s drone industry. With an open, clear, and user-friendly solution, we are committed to supporting the safe and efficient integration of drones, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth. We remain dedicated to enhancing and expanding the capabilities of the UTM system to stay at the forefront of technological innovation in the uncrewed aviation domain.”

The Frequentis UTM suite is accessible as a user-friendly web portal and will soon be available as a mobile app. It consists of the UTM Operation Manager, enhancing airspace safety and efficiency for drone operators, and the UTM Airspace Manager application for air traffic controllers (ATCOs), improving safety and situational awareness. This ensures that both drone operators and ATCOs have a comprehensive understanding of their operational environment. The coordination of drone flights between operators and ATCOs was initially implemented in Tallinn, with plans to extend the same service to regional airports and introduce new software features.

Frequentis has collaborated with EANS and other Nordic and Baltic stakeholders on the SESAR Gulf of Finland (GOF) and GOF 2 projects, aiming to safely integrate drones, trial and validate use cases within the U-space regulatory framework.

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