Elistair Introduces ORION 2.2 TE with Enhanced Tactical Mission Capabilities

Elistair today announced the launch of a new generation of its Orion tethered UAS product line. The Orion 2.2 TE builds on the Orion’s legacy with new tactical functions, an expanded payload range, and a 2-in-1 modular structure to expand its range of capabilities.

With the newly integrated Nextvision Raptor, XQT AI, and XQT LRF, which features a 3km laser rangefinder, Orion 2.2 TE provides superior continuous imagery for military units, border guards,
and national security agencies.

Powered by T-Planner V1.2, Elistair’s latest mission software, Orion 2.2 TE imagery now benefits
from new tactical functions such as target tracking, automated object categorization, automated
scanning routines, and POIs, facilitating surveillance missions.

The Orion 2.2 TE is purpose-built for multi-mission operation thanks to its 2-in-1 design. The UAS
can be modified in the field to switch its rotor configuration from ‘standard’ to ‘heavy lift’, enabling
a payload capacity of up to 5kgs. Additionally, a Payload Development Kit provides continuous
power and a secured Ethernet connection port for wired data transfer enables operators to
integrate third-party payloads.

Contained in a two-case pack out, Orion 2.2 TE has a low logistical footprint and can be deployed
quickly by a single operator.

First deliveries are planned for the end of September 2023.

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