Easy Aerial Expands Payload Offerings with ASIO Technologies’ NavGuard GNSS-Denied Optical Navigation System

Easy Aerial, an autonomous military-grade Drone-in-a-Box solutions provider, has successfully integrated the NavGuard by Asio Technologies, a developer of geospatial positioning systems and tactical defense solutions, to its payload portfolio expanding EA drone capabilities for defense applications. This
integration has allowed Easy Aerial to continue providing new solutions in its suite of sUAS capabilities to meet challenging demands for a growing military client base with diverse needs.

The integration of Asio Technologies’ Navguard GNSS-denied optical navigation system into Easy Aerial’s tethered and free-fly Drone-in-a-Box solutions empowers the autonomous drone to conduct operations in difficult environments, ensuring mission success where traditional GNSS-based systems are unreliable. For Easy Aerial, this integration is a direct response to customers who operate in critical
conditions where effective results in GNSS-denied areas is fundamental. This new capability in the expansion of Easy Aerial’s drone offerings is a cutting-edge feature users can choose to integrate upon request when purchasing an Easy Aerial sUAS. 

NavGuard is a mission critical real-time optical navigation system that enables seamless, accurate autonomous GNSS-denied navigation for tactical platforms where size, weight and power are defining parameters. The NavGuard system is based on real-time Geo Referencing of optical video stream to an on-board Geo Infrastructure to generate low latency accurate positioning. Integration of this technology into Easy Aerial’s sUAS promises efficient results in essential operations where GNSS-denied zones are used to counter UAS. Easy Aerial is dedicated to providing their operators with offerings that allows for the integration of payloads by 3rd party companies to meet the unique demands of operations such as conducting missions in GNSS-denied locations.

About Easy Aerial 
Founded in 2015 by a team of former military personnel, aerospace engineers, and
robotics and software experts, Easy Aerial revolutionizes aerial security systems with
their tailored military-grade solutions. Dedicated to preserving lives, Easy Aerial’s
autonomous drones systems provide unwavering security and monitoring services
around the globe. The company’s adaptable approach ensures operational success
across diverse requirements.  

For more information, visit www.easyaerial.com

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