Empowering Fire Chiefs: Cooperative Purchasing Enables Vital Drone Tech Access and Procurement Efficiency

The 2023 Fire-Rescue International (FRI) Conference brings together prominent leaders in fire and emergency response. Of the suppliers and products featured, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly known as drones, are among the newest and most anticipated tools.

Fire-rescue services have benefitted from improved situational awareness, increased preparedness, and better fireground management with UAVs and drones. Agencies seeking to incorporate this coveted technology might encounter a lengthy RFP process and delays to implementation.

With departmental resources stretched thin, fire chiefs have turned to Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing process to efficiently procure drone technology. As Your FireRescue GPO, Sourcewell prides itself on a competitive, fair and transparent contract process. Pre-solicited cooperative contracts allow departments quick access to in-demand products, like drone technology, without starting the RFP process from scratch—providing fire chiefs with choice, while saving them time and resources.

“We understand how valuable time is in this industry,” says Andrew McKinney, VP of Sales for Unmanned Vehicle Technologies. “Our drone technology and equipment are designed to give firefighters greater situational awareness on the fire ground when seconds count. And with Sourcewell, agencies can access our technology with fewer hurdles.”

UAV solutions provide enhanced levels of visibility, GIS mapping capabilities, and data collection to pre-plan an incident. In the field, commanders can use drones to access real-time conditions, locate personnel, and evaluate risks for a more effective response.

“As a Sourcewell awarded supplier, our customers have an edge. They’re able to get innovative technology into their department—and into operation—faster,” says Ryan English, CEO of FLYMOTION.

Using the keyword search “drone” on Sourcewell’s website, fire leaders and procurement officials can quickly locate a variety of awarded suppliers. Products, pricing and supplier contact information are directly available, along with multiple purchasing options to fit any agency’s needs.

To learn more about the benefits of cooperative purchasing, download the how-to guide to cooperative purchasing for fire-rescue service leaders. Chiefs and firefighters attending FRI can also visit Sourcewell at booth 2435 or locate many of Sourcewell’s trusted suppliers at booths marked with the Sourcewell awarded contract flag.

About Sourcewell

Sourcewell cooperative purchasing allows public safety leaders to buy the fire equipment they want with a process they trust. 50,000 participating agencies in North America save time and money with Sourcewell’s government process. Agencies are empowered to fulfill their public service missions when they achieve fast, simple procurement by leveraging hundreds of awarded contracts.

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