The Perfect Pairing: RIEGL VUX-120-23 Laser Scanner Joins Forces with VTOL CarryAir

In the realm of aerial surveys and precise data acquisition, a fusion of technologies has emerged. The renowned VUX-12023 laser scanner from RIEGL has been seamlessly integrated into the innovative VTOL CarryAir by StriekAir engineering GmbH from Germany. During its inaugural flight, this remarkable duo successfully captured accurate data of the ground structure.

Precision meets speed: The RIEGL VUX-12023 laser scanner is globally recognized for its exceptional precision and accuracy in aerial surveys. By integrating this cutting-edge technology into the VTOL CarryAir by StriekAir Engineering GmbH, the advantages of both technologies are combined in the best manner. Its cruising speed of 85 km/h offers an optimal combination of point cloud density and efficient data acquisition.

Faster data acquisition: With the VTOL CarryAir and the VUX-12023 laser scanner, customers can acquire data about eight times faster than with conventional multi copters. This significant time-saving feature enhances project efficiency, particularly for endeavors reliant on accurate measurements.

Applications: The combination of the CarryAir VTOL and the VUX-12023 offers diverse applications. From surveying construction sites and infrastructure projects to mapping corridors and monitoring landfills and agricultural areas, as well as to collect topographic data for urban planning and environmental studies, these technologies are expanding the horizons of aerial surveys.

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