UAVOS Introduces Advanced Two-Axis Rate Gimbal for Enhanced Surveillance Missions

UAVOS has unveiled the GSG 201, an innovative artificial intelligence drone gimbal that merges proprietary software with AI and core imaging technology. This advanced gimbal is designed for wide-area search, surveillance, and identification in autonomous surveillance missions. The GSG 201 features an EO/IR configuration, equipped with a 30x optical zoom visible camera and laser rangefinder.

The integration of automated object detection, identification, and tracking capabilities within the GSG 201 significantly reduces payload cost, weight, and complexity of the aircraft, thereby enhancing mission efficiency and success. Aliaksei Stratsilatau, Co-Founder and CEO of UAVOS, highlights the positive impact of this innovation on mission outcomes.

Built with a focus on lightweight design, superior imaging quality, and top-tier geolocation capabilities, the GSG 201 boasts embedded video processing, electronic stabilization, object tracking, and compatibility with external GPS/INS systems for real-time target location across diverse environments, day and night.

The GSG 201 incorporates a primary Full HD, Global Shutter camera with a 30x optical zoom lens, an uncooled thermal camera, and a laser rangefinder. UAVOS’ cutting-edge software enhances multi-object acquisition and processing capabilities, contributing to improved geolocation accuracy, valuable insights extraction from video imagery, and onboard data processing for more accurate assessments.

About UAVOS:
UAVOS is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced Unmanned Systems for security and commercial applications. With a global investor base, UAVOS offers a range of technology, products, and services including multi-role UAVs, proprietary autopilots, communication systems, components, and experiential training. UAVOS’ involvement in stratospheric R&D projects showcases their commitment to innovation and partnership for the benefit of customers worldwide.

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