BharatRohan Collaborates with Smart Village Movement to Introduce Drone Crop Monitoring for Ginger Farmers in Meghalaya

BharatRohan Airborne Innovations Private Limited, a pioneer in agri-tech drone services, has announced a transformative partnership with the Smart Village Movement. This collaboration is set to revolutionize ginger farming in Meghalaya, by reducing their crop losses and improving their income and livelihoods. The project will leverage advanced drone-based hyperspectral imaging and data-driven insights, ensuring affordability for smallholder farmers.

The partnership aims to empower farmers with precision agriculture techniques using UAV drones equipped with hyperspectral, multispectral and thermal sensors, capable of detecting minute changes in crop health. This real-time data enables farmers to make timely interventions to improve crop yield and quality. Moreover, the initiative promotes sustainable, residue-free ginger production, which will incentivize farmers with premium prices by creating better linkages for the export markets, enhancing income opportunities and economic growth for the local farming communities.

“Our drones are equipped with hyperspectral imagery, provide real-time data and precise crop health assessments, enabling swift adaptation to shifting climate patterns. We believe in creating a sustainable agricultural ecosystem by producing residue-free, better-quality produce,” said Rishabh Choudhary, CTO & Co-Founder of BharatRohan.

Echoing this sentiment, Megha Raju, Project Lead at BharatRohan, highlighted the critical role of the collaboration: “Integrating UAV hyperspectral technology into smallholder ginger farming in Meghalaya, our collaboration becomes crucial in providing farm specific actionable advisory, supplying high quality agri-inputs and promoting sustainable and profitable agricultural practices.”

Vivek Shah, CEO of Smart Village Movement, also voiced his enthusiasm: “As a facilitator to take technologies and business models in rural markets, SVM looks forward to the pilot with BharatRohan in addressing the pain points and aspirations of farmers. Our experience to drive other drone-enabled use cases gives us great anticipation to propel the prospects in the agricultural sector as well. The outcomes of this would be key to understanding the technology readiness and resilience in unique conditions like dense clouds, high rainfall and the topography of Meghalaya, but most profoundly, to witness demand in villagers adapting to such innovations would be of essential value to our model.”

The partnership received significant support from the NASSCOM ‘Center of Excellence for IoT & AI’ in India, which played a pivotal role. The center’s contributions were crucial in making the partnership successful and impactful, enabling positive developments in rural regions.

Initially, the partnership aims to collaborate with farmers in Ri Bhoi District, Meghalaya, with plans for further expansion. Farmers will receive personalized advisory services, UAV/drone-based prescription maps and agri-input suggestions through a very easy-to-use BharatRohan WhatsApp Chatbot, alongside market linkage opportunities.

The partnership plans to expand services to paddy, turmeric and pineapple-farming clusters in Meghalaya, further demonstrating their commitment to sustainable agriculture. Furthermore, they will host farmer meetings and capacity-building training programs, facilitating the understanding and effective use of UAV/drone technology in agriculture.

About BharatRohan

BharatRohan is an agri-tech start-up specializing in UAV/drone spectral imaging-based Decision Support System (DSS) for farmers. They offer a comprehensive procurement platform to institutional buyers with traceability as a key value addition. The solution is vertically integrated and offers farmers and FPOs access to the markets through buyback arrangements. The value proposition for paying customers is access to pesticide and residue-free agricultural commodities, along with a farm-traceability platform. The company is tapping into the export market demand, which can offer higher margins to the farmer. For more information, visit 

About Smart Village Movement

The Smart Village Movement is a collaborative process facilitated by the SVM organization in conjunction with the Berkeley-Haas Center of Growth Markets, aimed at establishing a Smart Village ecosystem. The organization actively partners with government, academia, corporations, and rural communities, fostering independence and promoting sustainable rural development in Indian villages and other emerging markets. Its primary objective is to empower rural communities by leveraging digital technologies and open innovation platforms, thereby enabling them to access global markets.

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