A2Z Drone Delivery Introduces Enhanced RDST Longtail: A Fully Equipped Ready-to-Fly Commercial Delivery Drone

A2Z Drone Delivery, Inc, developer of commercial drone delivery solutions, is launching its second generation RDST integrated cargo drone. The RDST Longtail features the company’s factory-integrated RDS2 drone winch enabling payloads to be deposited safely from altitude where spinning rotors are kept far from people and property. The RDST Longtail hexacopter design is available in Standard configuration offering a 20 km maximum range, and a rainproof Premium version with battery quick-release system offering a maximum range of 26 km. With no need for specialty payload boxes, the RDST Longtail is able to auto-release the shippers’ own boxes without the need for a recipient to be on site to receive the payload. The RDST Longtail’s all new bag auto-release mechanism allows for easy pickups and auto-releasing any bag during deliveries.

With its integrated drone delivery winch, the RDST Longtail offers drone service providers and logistics operators an off-the-shelf, ready-to-fly delivery UAV for last mile delivery. Delivering or retrieving payloads up to 5 kg over a distance of 11 km, the RDST Longtail is the ideal delivery drone for local parcel or food delivery, emergency medical deliveries, drone-born water sampling programs, offshore logistics, search and rescue operations, open mines, solar farms, and more. Designed to meet the 55-pound FAA max takeoff weight requirement, the RDST Longtail is remote ID compliant with a factory-integrated remote ID beacon. Ready to fly through inclement weather, the RDST Longtail Premium edition opens new use cases to the benefits of drone delivery, and its quick-release battery system gets flights back in the air quickly to limit downtime.

The latest addition to the A2Z Drone Delivery fleet, the RDST Longtail continues the company’s focus on addressing consumer-protection concerns with burgeoning residential drone deliveries. By conducting deliveries from altitude, A2Z Drone Delivery’s solutions protect recipients from spinning UAV propellers, while mitigating privacy concerns of low-flying drones and abating intrusive rotor noise. Depositing payloads from altitude also keeps the UAV high above trees, power lines and buildings enabling longer sight distances for missions requiring visual line of sight.

“In upgrading our off-the-shelf RDST platform, we’ve streamlined the overall design and upgraded the propulsion system, but the most sought-after upgrade from customers has been the rainproofing built into our new RDST Longtail Premium edition,” said Aaron Zhang, Founder and CEO of A2Z Drone Delivery, Inc. “The RDST Longtail is further democratizing commercial drone delivery by allowing businesses of any kind to quickly and easily launch a drone logistics operation from delivering parts to offshore energy platforms, to deploying live-saving medical equipment to first responders right on scene. As residential parcel delivery continues to expand, the RDST Longtail is positioned as an accessible flight platform for the proliferation of this cost-saving, and more eco-conscious last-mile delivery method.”

Both models of the RDST Longtail offer a massive cargo bay that can accept packages up to 45L x 45W x 35H cm / 18L x 18H x 14H inches, giving operators the utmost payload flexibility. Operators will also appreciate the intuitive A2Z Ground Control Station (A2Z QGC) which integrates flight and winch commands with airframe telemetry for accurate navigation and delivery. The integrated open-source Q Ground Control mission planning software is capable of conducting pre-planned automated delivery missions without needing to land.

“Our prototype RDST Longtail has already logged 500 flight hours conducting daily residential parcel deliveries near our Ground Zero Test Facility outside Shanghai,” said Zhang. “Many of the upgrades included in this second generation RDST have been made in response to customer feedback on capabilities they need to deploy for missions in inclement weather, and the platform has proven robust during testing in rain conditions. The RDST Longtail is the flexible commercial delivery UAV for last-mile deliveries that will round out a logistics fleet.”

RDST Longtail Standard

The Standard model of the RDST Longtail is configured for day-to-day last mile deliveries in fair weather. Out of the box, the RDST Longtail features:

  • Extended Radio Range – Up to 30 km unobstructed transmission range
  • Standard Battery – 25,000mAh (compatible with off-the-shelf 6S Tattu batteries)
  • Max Range – 20km maximum range with no payload
  • Positioning – Standard GPS
  • Nylon Top Cover – Lightweight body for fair weather missions

RDST Longtail Premium

The Premium model of the RDST Longtail is features additional upgrades for longer range missions in inclement weather, including:

  • RDS2 Delivery Winch with Rain Cover – Upgraded rain protection for up to medium rain
  • Extended Radio Range – Up to 30 km unobstructed transmission range
  • Custom Battery – 30,000mAh 12S
  • Quick-Release Battery Tray – Easily swap fresh batteries to limit downtime between deliveries
  • Max Range – 26 km maximum range with no payload
  • Positioning – Centimeter-level RTK for extra precision during flight and delivery
  • Glass Fiber Exterior Cover – Lightweight and rainproof in up to medium rain

RDST Longtail Options

The integrated cargo drone can also be upgraded for mission-specific needs. Available upgrades include:

  • Dual 4G LTE Connectivity – Limitless connectivity with automatic network switching between two 4G carriers
  • Parachute System – An extra safety measure for operation over populated areas
  • Additional auto-release bag hook – Deposit any handled bag without the need for a recipient on site
  • Additional auto-release box hook – Release any box as it touches down while maintaining a safe altitude
  • Extra Serial Ports – UART Expansion Hub to connect additional peripherals

The redesigned A2Z Drone Delivery RDST Longtail Standard starts at $20,000, and the RDST Longtail Premium starts at $27,000. The new off-the-shelf drone packages can be purchased through the company website.

For more details on the unique A2Z Drone Delivery system, please visit https://www.a2zdronedelivery.com/

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