Aether Global Innovations Corp.: Formerly Plymouth Rock Technologies, Launches New Website

Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc., is pleased to announce it has changed its name to Aether Global Innovations Corp.   Effective at the opening  August 1, 2023, the Company will begin trading on the CSE under the symbol AETH.  The Company’s new CUSIP is 00810E109 and  ISIN is CA00810E1097.  The new website for Aether Global Innovation Corp

Aether Global Innovations Corp., “The Fifth Element – The  Medium of Space” signifies the transformative power of AI, data, and automated drones in domestic services and security. It represents the integration of advanced technologies, where AI processes real-time data for insights and automated drones to execute tasks efficiently. This paradigm shift enhances situational awareness, response, and resource allocation, revolutionizing domestic and security applications.

“We’re excited to introduce Aether Global Innovations to the marketplace,” shared Phil Lancaster CEO and President of Aether Global Innovations.  “We spent a lot of time exploring what was and what wasn’t working within the organization and speaking with industry leaders in the drone space regarding the future of drone technology.  Drones have seen a remarkable rise in adoption, with applications ranging from domestic to defense scenarios. As we look toward the future, we firmly believe that automation and AI will continue to play a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities and services provided by drones. Our focus is now serving large property and critical infrastructure owners, operators, and their management teams, by delivering bespoke services, allowing them to make well-informed decisions that can significantly impact their operations. As we move the company forward, we would like to thank those shareholders, partners,  and clients that remain steadfast in supporting us”.

The Company announced its rebranding on June 16, 2023 and welcomes all to visit it new website at, where visitors will find more detail on the Company’s overall vision and mission in bringing innovative management, automation and technologies to the drone and UAV marketplace.

About Aether Global Innovations Corp.

Aether Global Innovations (AETH) is an innovative UAV drone management and operations services company that focuses in three areas for critical infrastructure and large public and private facilities. These three areas include (i) drone management and surveillance monitoring, (ii) automation and integration for flight planning, new, innovative sensor payloads, stand-alone power source and (iii) drone base station infrastructure and technology for autonomous self-landing, power charging, and take off. 

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