GeoCue Expands European Reach with HEXADRONE as Exclusive French Distributor

GeoCue, a leading provider of LiDAR mapping hardware and software solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of HEXADRONE as its newest distributor in France. This strategic partnership expands GeoCue’s presence in the European market and reinforces its commitment to delivering innovative geospatial solutions.

HEXADRONE, an industrial SME specializing in drone sales and mechatronic development, will join GeoCue’s global distribution network, offering customers in France and Europe access to TrueView 3D Imaging Sensors and LP360 LiDAR Processing Software. With a strong track record since 2014, HEXADRONE is known for its expertise in drone sales, multi-brand accessories, and mechatronic development for drone manufacturing, maintenance, and training.

One of HEXADRONE’s latest products is the TUNDRA 2, a versatile and rugged professional drone developed in their high-tech design office. The TUNDRA 2 undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring its adaptability to the most demanding conditions. Notably, it has received the prestigious UAF label from the Ministry of the Armed Forces, showcasing its suitability for military applications.

Marjolaine Guillemet, Communications and Public Relations Officer of HEXADRONE, expressed her excitement about the partnership, highlighting the company’s goal of developing robust and multi-business drone platforms. The collaboration with GeoCue allows HEXADRONE to seamlessly integrate the best payloads with their drones, providing customers with customized advice and exceptional drone experiences.

Abdel Diani, Director of Global Distribution for GeoCue, emphasized the benefits this partnership brings to customers in France and Europe. HEXADRONE’s expertise in drone manufacturing and commitment to customer satisfaction align perfectly with GeoCue’s mission of providing innovative geospatial solutions. Together, they aim to enhance the geospatial capabilities of professionals across various industries.

HEXADRONE serves a wide range of industries, including photogrammetry, topography, precision agriculture, mining, oil, and civil engineering. Their handpicked, high-quality products and personalized customer service distinguish them in the market. This partnership allows GeoCue and HEXADRONE to strengthen their presence in the French and European drone industry, offering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers in the geospatial sector.

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About GeoCue: GeoCue is a leading provider of LiDAR mapping hardware and software solutions. With a focus on innovation, the company delivers advanced technologies that enable precise mapping and surveying in various industries. GeoCue’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives their mission of providing cutting-edge geospatial solutions.

About HEXADRONE: HEXADRONE is an industrial SME specializing in drone sales and mechatronic development. With expertise in drone manufacturing, maintenance, and training, HEXADRONE offers innovative solutions to customers in France and beyond. Their commitment to excellence and customized drone platforms sets them apart in the market.

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