DroneShield Ltd Announces Firmware Update for Counterdrone Devices

DroneShield, a leading provider of counter drone (C-UAS) solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of a significant firmware update for its global fleet of C-UAS devices. The update is in response to the introduction of Remote ID legislation worldwide, which mandates the broadcasting of critical information about drones, including aircraft details, location data, flight information, and pilot identification.

With the latest firmware update, DroneShield devices are now capable of detecting various Remote ID signals through the advanced DroneLocator technology. This enhancement applies to their man-portable, vehicle/ship, and fixed-site products, allowing users to receive and display crucial information such as drone location, pilot location, drone serial number, drone speed, and more. Notably, DroneLocator can also display DJI Remote ID signals, expanding its compatibility beyond the DJI AeroScope product.

Furthermore, enrolled devices receive quarterly updates to the proprietary DroneShield RFAI Artificial Intelligence engine. While DroneLocator focuses on detecting and tracking compliant and legal aircraft, DroneShield’s RFAI technology continues to provide a solution for identifying and mitigating unlawful, unregistered, and hostile drones.

DroneShield’s devices can simultaneously run DroneLocator and RFAI on a single device, utilizing AI processing on the edge. These technologies can operate in air-gapped configurations without an internet connection, ensuring enhanced security and reliability.

The inclusion of DroneLocator technology extends the capabilities of DroneShield’s products, enabling applications in C-UAS, UTM (Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management), low altitude airspace monitoring, drone security, and drone fleet management.

Additionally, this major update brings significant improvements, including enhanced detection algorithms with an advanced convolutional neural network for superior performance in high noise environments. DroneSentry-X devices now support map loading and display, providing enhanced situational awareness. The graphic user interface has also been improved, offering expanded detection and logging information for end users.

Angus Bean, Chief Technology Officer at DroneShield, expressed excitement about the addition of DroneLocator to their detection technology suite and emphasized the company’s commitment to continuous improvement through their software subscription model. The availability of this technology to their existing user community, including the C-UAS and related industries, is a response to high demand for advanced detection capabilities.

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