Stellantis and Archer Progress Partnership from ‘Concept Phase’ to ‘Execution Phase’

Archer Aviation Inc. and Stellantis N.V. are making significant progress in their strategic manufacturing partnership, as announced at the 2023 Paris Air Show. The construction of the world’s first high-volume eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft manufacturing facility in Covington, Georgia is well underway on an approximately 100-acre campus. Stellantis has recently increased its strategic shareholding in Archer through a series of stock purchases.

The partnership between Stellantis and Archer is focused on achieving scalable manufacturing of Archer’s aircraft by mid-2024. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares emphasizes the commitment of both teams to meet this goal and believes that their collaboration sets a standard for cross-industry cooperation. The partnership aligns with Stellantis’ strategy to lead the mobility sector and provide freedom of mobility in all forms.

Archer’s founder and CEO, Adam Goldstein, highlights the importance of high-volume manufacturing in realizing their goal of commercialization at scale. The collaboration with Stellantis, one of the world’s leading mobility companies, presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine urban transportation. Goldstein expresses pride in the achievements of the partnership, which positions Archer as an industry leader in manufacturing capabilities.

As manufacturing ramps up, Stellantis and Archer aim to leverage their respective strengths to enable rapid scaling of aircraft production. Experienced Stellantis personnel are now working full time alongside the Archer team, contributing to operational readiness. Areas of focus include manufacturing automation, component sourcing, engineering, supply chain, quality, facilities, and human resources.

The initial manufacturing operations at the facility will have the capacity to produce up to 650 aircraft per year, with the potential for expansion to support the production of up to 2,300 aircraft per year. This ambitious scale would establish the site as the world’s leading aircraft manufacturing facility by volume. The collaboration between Archer and Stellantis represents a significant step forward in realizing the vision of widespread adoption of eVTOL aircraft and advancing the future of urban transportation.

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