Honeywell Empowers Digital Transformation of the Skies with New R&D Programs in Europe

Honeywell is set to contribute to groundbreaking research and development initiatives through the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking partnership and the Digital European Sky program. These projects aim to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability by introducing advanced levels of automation across different airspaces.

Among the selected projects, Honeywell will lead two consortiums. The first is Project OperA (Operate Anywhere), which focuses on integrating advanced air mobility (AAM) into European Air Traffic Management (ATM) and U-space. Honeywell will develop autonomy-enabling technologies for AAM aircraft, including precision navigation, detect-and-avoid systems, and an energy-efficient ground control station.

The second project, named DARWIN (Digital Assistants for Reducing Workload & Increasing collaboration), explores AI-based automation for cockpit and flight operations. Honeywell aims to develop AI-powered digital assistants and a human-AI collaboration framework to support extended minimum crew operations (eMCO), single pilot operations (SPO), and eventually fully autonomous flights.

Honeywell’s involvement in these programs reflects its commitment to advancing automation, sustainability, and innovation in European aerospace. The company looks forward to collaborating with European partners and leveraging its expertise in managing conventional aircraft, drones, air taxis, and high-altitude vehicles.

The research activities will be conducted at Honeywell’s Technology Solutions research and development center in Brno, Czech Republic. Honeywell Aerospace, known for its comprehensive range of products and services in commercial, defense, and space aircraft, continues to drive fuel efficiency, safety, and operational excellence in the aviation industry.

Stay tuned for more updates on Honeywell’s contributions to the Digital European Sky projects as they unfold.

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