Asio Technologies Delivers Additional NavGuard Systems to Prominent US Customer

Asio Technologies, a renowned developer and manufacturer of geospatial position systems and tactical defense solutions, is pleased to announce the successful delivery of dozens of additional NavGuard systems to a prominent US defense technology company, for integration into its drone platforms. This delivery marks another milestone in Asio Technologies’ longstanding relationship with the customer, following an extensive evaluation period that included testing the systems on their drones in diverse flight scenarios, both during the day and at night.

NavGuard is a cutting-edge, jam-proof navigation solution that ensures uninterrupted operations from takeoff to landing for drones and unmanned aerial systems (UAS). By leveraging state-of-the-art machine vision technology, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced optics, and sensor fusion capabilities, NavGuard enables accurate and autonomous GNSS- free navigation, even in environments where the GNSS signal is compromised, jammed, or simply unavailable.

With its real-time optical navigation system, NavGuard enables safe and sustainable 24/7 drone missions under complete GNSS blackout conditions. It offers a reliable and precise positioning solution, allowing drones to navigate with low latency and high accuracy throughout their missions. This capability is particularly crucial for tactical drone applications in defense, homeland security, and infrastructure security sectors, where payload capacity, flight time limitations, and continuous operation under all conditions are critical factors.

David Harel, CEO of Asio Technologies, expressed his gratitude for the continued trust and support from their US customer, stating, “We are delighted to successfully deliver dozens of additional NavGuard systems, further cementing our strong partnership with this esteemed US defense customer. NavGuard’s ability to provide accurate positioning in real- time, even in challenging GNSS blackout conditions, ensures operational freedom anytime and anywhere. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that continually meet and exceed the evolving needs of our valued customers.”

Lior Dvorachek, Sales and Marketing Director at Asio Technologies, added: “This delivery comes after an extensive evaluation period where our systems underwent rigorous testing in diverse flight scenarios. The confidence shown by our customers in choosing NavGuard as their preferred navigation solution is a testament to its proven reliability and effectiveness.”

About Asio Technologies
Asio Technologies serves the defense and paramilitary markets, specializing in geospatial position systems encompassing navigation, positioning, mission planning, and mission management. Asio Technologies prides itself in holding several innovative registered patents in positioning and north finding.

With a core focus on target acquisition, augmented orientation, mission planning, and a common language for the tactical command level, Asio’s solutions are based on actual operational experience ranging from surveillance and reconnaissance to targeting and weapons guidance. Over the years, Asio has built a track record of manufacturing and supplying dozens of combat-proven innovative solutions, according to Mil-specs and ISO standards.

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