Join the New Airspeeder Pilot Academy in Celeros

Celeros, the new mixed-reality racing metaverse by Saltwater Games has launched a new Pilot Academy. The Academy will educate racing fans about the new Airspeeder Mk4, which players will be able to race within an immersive AAA gaming experience, AirspeederXR. Airspeeder is the first racing series to be launched in Celeros and the game will allow players to build and race their Airspeeders in a thrilling and competitive environment.

The Pilot Academy is the first of many Celeros Academy Programs and takes users on a journey through a preflight checklist, to prepare them for becoming a pilot in the game. Users will be taken through an immersive experience where they will learn what it will take to get ahead in the real game and as a pilot in the real world.

They will be able to explore all the facets of the vehicle to learn how the unique elements, such as the Collision Avoidance System, Motor, Battery and Propellers of the vehicle, will give them an edge against their competitors.

The more time players spend in Celeros, the greater an opportunity they will have to not only rise through the ranks of our gaming community, but to potentially join the Pilot Academy and one day actually race a real vehicle themselves.

Check out and experience the Academy:

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